I’m Not Pretty & I’m Fine With That


This week, I was a speaker at an event for ELLE Magazine and Matches Fashion. I had that nervous excitement going on all day. After finishing my talk in the evening, I chatted with attendees who all shared how much they’d enjoyed my story, I listened to theirs and was riding high off the energy of being lucky enough to do what I love and be in a room full of like-minded people who appreciate it.

ELLE had live streamed the event. I got home, caught up with texts from friends congratulating me and asking how it went, then checked the videos on ELLE’s Facebook page. The first comment under a clip of me introducing myself?

‘She looks like a man.’

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Embracing Imperfections


I’ve always been self conscious about my teeth. On a 1-10 scale of fucked up-ness, 10 being the worst, mine probably only ranked around a four, but it was enough to make me start hiding my smile. And that really annoyed me, ’cause I’m all about loving yourself for who you are and all that good stuff, but I just couldn’t find it in me to love my crooked teeth. So I battled with it, for a long while; find a way to get comfortable with them or get them corrected?

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Feelin’ Yo’Self – Body Confidence

The latest episode of the No BS Guide to Life is all about body confidence, self acceptance, defining beauty for yourself and just being comfortable with who the hell you are.

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The Hustle: Keepin’ it Real


Pursuit of your dreams takes hard work. Long days, sleepless nights, constant graft. You’ve gotta live and breathe it every second of every day to get ahead in the game. This is what the internationally successful entrepreneurs of our time, like Gary Vaynerchuck, will tell you. Meanwhile, just writing those first couple of sentences tired me out a little. I’m driven and goal oriented, but sometimes when I look at the supposed schedule I’m meant to keep to become wildly successful, I question whether I can maintain my fiery gusto on that kinda level. It’s time we got real about ‘the hustle’.

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To Say or Not to Say

We all have that one co-worker whose life we know every little detail of, despite not really wanting to. This week on the podcast, we discuss oversharing at work, why it’s important to draw boundaries and practice professionalism and how to shut down those invasive questions when you’re not interested in sharing your business.

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The Flakiness Epidemic


Trying to make arrangements to do anything in this day and age can be hellish. I miss the days where all we had were landlines, you could call your friend up on a Friday night: ‘wanna hang out tomorrow?’ ‘Sure!’ And hang out you would. Ahh, it was a simpler time. But then you grow up, you have a job, family, commitments and all that jazz and it would seem we lose the ability to agree to do something, then actually follow through with said thing. Flakiness is a trait that permeates through modern culture like a big ugly plague.

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Choosing to Not Have Kids

This week’s episode of The No BS Guide to Life is all about choosing not to have kids and why that seems to be such a radical decision as a woman. Oooh, we delve deep, my friends. Have a listen, share, discuss and all that good stuff.

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On London Fatigue & Self Care


I love London. I really do. I sometimes still wander around in complete awe that I actually live here. But much as I love it, my GAWD, is it exhausting. I feel incredibly lucky that I can escape up to Leeds every now and then to chill with my family and decompress. Sometimes I’m good at recognising the signs that I need to do that and sometimes, not so much. Either way, my few days up North last weekend were a welcome respite for my soul.

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Bet You Think This Song is About You

After a two week hiatus, we’re back! Huzzah! This week we’re chit chatting it up about race, Beyonce and white people’s incessant need to cry white tears whenever black people talk about their blackness. Sounds like a heavy topic, sure, but it’s important one for black and white people to be able to discuss together.

Have a listen, let us know your thoughts.

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Shock Absorber: Boob Bounce Be Gone!

Shock Absorber

The statistics for the number of women who wear the wrong bra size hovers somewhere around the ridiculous realm of 90%. Working in fitness, one thing I see all the time is women not wearing proper sports bras and it crushes my soul every time. We’ve got a boob-jiggling epidemic going on people, and it must be resolved!

I see women wearing regular bras (most likely the wrong size) in the gym, or some sort of regular bra + ill-fitting-sports-bra-over-the-top combo that just makes no sense. I could go on and on about how vitally important it is to have a good sports bra, suffice to say, you are doing your fun bags no favours by cutting corners in this department. A lack of adequate support means your boobs bounce around and the ligaments in there stretch. The bad news is, once they’re stretched, they don’t bounce back. So basically, if you want saggy boobs, go ahead and don’t bother wearing a sports bra!

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