Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I love to write. I love writing things down. Often, I have to write things down and then type them up – that’s just my process. But I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of putting pen to paper. I love nice stationary. I love how when I write in a notebook, the print shows through on the other side of the page and it feels all crispy. I love the smooth glide of a nice pen.

I used to love to write letters. My beloved grandmother, who passed on to go party in heaven in 2004, was my penpal. We wrote to each other all the time, mostly about complete nonsense, but it didn’t matter, because it was our nonsense. Her passing left a huge void in many ways, one of which, was not seeing envelopes with her handwriting on my doormat anymore.

Last week, one of my friends put her address in her Facebook status update and said ‘I await your Christmas cards.’ It all seemed a little jokey, but I asked her if that was her real address, because if so, I would totally be sending one. She said it was. That sparked an idea in me.

I sent out a message on Twitter saying if people like receiving mail, send me their address and I’ll send them a Christmas card. After a few replies asking if I was serious, slowly but surely, addresses started to trickle into my inbox. By the end of the day, I had 31 people to write Christmas cards to.

Of those 31, I have met only two of them in person. Like so many bloggers, so much of my life is online. And I’m fine with that. Over the past couple of years, as I moved all over the place, these complete strangers have become a part of my life. They read my blog, talk with me on Twitter, one even sent me a playlist she’d made to cheer me up when she knew I was going through a hard time. These people, though most of us have never met, are my friends.

I love receiving mail and I figured other people love that feeling too. In an age where birthday wishes are now posted on people’s Facebook walls, I want to go back to putting pen to paper. I want to spend time in gift shops picking out the right card for someone. Every now and then we have to unplug and go old school.

I hope that when these people receive the cards I sent, it makes them smile the way my grandmother’s letters did for me. If so, mission accomplished.

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