March 4, 2010 | fashion

Dear Shopping,

I came to a realisation recently that has shaken me to my very core: I hate you. Yep, BB King said it best, ‘The Thrill Has Gone.’ It just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I don’t yearn for you, I don’t long for days off so I can indulge in you. I cheated on you with the internet a few times, but even that was a bit ‘meh’. And you know what it’s all about? It’s because you’ve cheapened yourself.

No, literally, you have. You’re all ‘Primark’ and ‘New Look’ and whatever. I can’t handle it. Seeing people run through those stores and get 57 items for £2.50 just crushes my soul. I cannot possibly shop in places that encourage you to use a basket. Do you know what it’s like to see people pile clothes into a basket with no regard for the style, colour or if they’d even suit them? No you don’t damnit! You just want me to spend money!

But you know what? I refuse to do it. Everyone’s gotten so caught up in this hysteria of cheapness. It’s the ‘in’ thing now to brag about how much you got for how little. I can’t remember the last time I paid someone a compliment about an outfit without them retorting ‘It was £8 from Primark!’ Shopping, you are now just about price when you used to be about quality. People look at the price before they even look at the style. If it’s cheap enough, the style goes out the window altogether. Who cares if it suits you when it only costs £3?

The things I used to love about you, Shopping, were taking time, feeling fabrics, admiring prints, finding something unique. But now I despise high street shops because there’s a stampede of girls who want their latest fix of disposable fashion. You can keep your polyester mix and goddamn pleather! Keep it!

I love clothes, that’s no secret. Anything I’ve bought recently, I’ve bought from Dress Exchanges (shops that sell on your barely worn clothes that are no more than a few years old). I go to ones in good areas where rich women discard of an outfit they may have only worn once. I recently found my dream Missoni dress in there for a price that would probably give a Primark Princess’s a heart attack, but was actually a fraction of what it would have cost new. That, to me, is a thrill. I will have that dress for years. I see no joy in buying something to wear once.

I know my style and what suits me and when I come across those things, I don’t fret too much about the price. Hell, you’re reading the words of a girl who once spent her rent money on a jacket. I get giddy when I come across something that’s timeless, classic and just my style, but shopping, you won’t get me to be one of those sheep, blindly buying with no sense of what actually looks good. I’m sorry, but we’re over.

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Tell me about it. Down with Primark!

The only way to go these days is to save your pennies and buy investment pieces… or get designer stuff from online outlets etc. It’s very sad. The one last piece of high street joy is Oxford St Topshop (basement) and even that’s getting miiiiiighty affordable these days…



Tyrone M.

Shopping has never had that appeal for me, not even when it’s for something I like.

I treat it like a bank robbery. Get in, get what you need quickly and get out soon. No one gets hurt.


Are you psychic or have you been reading my diary?! Darling, you are so right on the money again! *cue applause*


What a lovely article. I am not after the price either. If it’s at a good price, it’s a lovely bonus but there is a limit for me, and I would not justify blowing extortionate amounts of money on shoes & clothes. I guess we have our own definitions of what is extortionate. I don’t enjoy shopping for work and casual clothes. What other types of clothes are there? Well the special occasions, and going out clothes which I like to buy 🙂 That is a lot of fun.

I have a tricky body shape to cater for, but the more I think about it, the more I feel WE all have a tricky body shape to cater for. I hardly know of anyone who can walk into any shop and finds something that fits. My dream would be to have a tailor, who would make some timeless classics for me, or some sort of uniform I can wear for work so that I don’t have to think on what to wear. Would love also to have bespoke jeans, which dont look like marks and spencers jeans & too plain and boring.

My pet peeves as regards to ill fitting clothes: trousers too short, unsightly not matching bra straps which are obviously not there for a fashion statement, e.g black bra underneath a white blouse, eek!, clear bra straps which have gone yellow, muffin tops trousers & ill fitting jeans in general, wrong unsupportive bras.

I wish I was fashionable. But the reality is that I generally do not pay attention to trends, as it is so hard (and traumatic for certain items) to find clothes which fit and flatter you xx

Ha Ha Sound

I must be the only guy who likes shopping. I find going to the New York outlets like Filene’s Basement or Daffy’s, or DSW for shoes, to be a lot of fun. And I’m looking forward to the day when I can spend $3,000 on a suit at Barney’s without blinking.

You just have to ignore the hordes of crazed shoppers and have fun with it. Maybe take a friend along, grab some lunch and make a day of it?

The Missoni dress, BTW, is very hot. =+)


i went through this same dry spell with shopping last year..
i got tired of wearing things everyone else had.
then i started shopping in places you don’t see commercials in billboards..
those small spots who most likely aren’t franchised with quality items.
shopping and i have reconciled and i can’t wait for our next encounter.


John Francis

Never really been into shopping. I remember going shopping with a girlfriend some yeards ago. I said I would wait outside the shop while she browsed around. I swear I almost grew a beard waiting for her to come back outside. Once bitten, twice shy and all that!

Smarty P. Jones

OK, don’t wig out. OK?
I’ve never liked shopping for clothes. Never. I think the one thing I own that I ever wear $100 is a decent pea coat and one of my prom dresses. I don’t spend a lot on clothes, I have never been into them and I don’t see me getting there.
When I shop for clothes, I shop for, dare I say, comfort and functionality. My main thing now is buying clothes I can wear to work. I’ve dropped some poundage and now none of my clothes fit. So at this point, it’s about finding something that won’t fall off me. *shrug* Shoot me.


I hear you, sister! In recent years, I’ve experienced a similar form of shopping fatigue however, unlike yourself, I will deign to enter a chain store if a designer I like has produced a “diffusion collection”. Otherwise, I’m all about the eBay where I may pay a bit more (though I am the Bargain Queen) but I can always score unique pieces that I will cherish for years to come.

The F$%K it List

*CLAPING LOUDLY* I don’t know what a ‘primart is but it sounds like Kmart and that’s enough to make me not want to know. Here its all about Forever 21 and H&M. And I can go in there for a novelty item (like my 80’s party outfit) but just for everyday shopping, NO Thanks!
There is a difference in a bargain on a fabulous Chanel jacket and two pairs of leggings, that’s all I’m saying!


Oops. I am guilty of the primark bit. I am not big on shopping but would spend so much or so little to get what I desire. Anyway, interesting perspective. Lovely blog by the way…would certainly be visiting more.


WORD!! Shopping used 2 be about buying stuf that nobody else had 2 get that famous reaction “Whered u get that??” Now its about everyone having the same H&M jacket as everyone else and the same V-Neck tshirt and the same Chucks and the SAME SAME SAME damn everything….. Its turned into quite a uniform to dress “trendy & cool” nowadays… I dont know what Im complainin about tho cuz at least “Throwback Jerseys” are still outta style I swear if those damn jerseys become fashionable again, Im moving to mars!!

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