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Galaxy Book Club Giveaway

‘Tis the season to be jolly and give stuff away!

With all the time we get off at Christmas, it’s a great time to cosy up by the fire with a new book. Galaxy, the makers of the lovely chocolate, are doing the One Million Book Giveaway. If you buy one of their promotional bars of chocolate, you could be in with a chance of winning one of five top best sellers by entering the code at

I’m just started reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, which is about a family at war with itself. I’m only a little way in, but am already a big fan of Franzen’s style and am very intrigued to see how these characters’ stories unfold.

In the spirit of giving, I have a couple of best selling books to give away to help you chillax during the holidays. Woo hoo! Two winners will receive a copy of either Knots & Crosses by Ian Rankin or The Truth About Melody Brown by Lisa Jewell and a bar of Galaxy chocolate each.

Simply leave me a comment telling me what your favourite book is and you’re in with a chance to win. Simples!

Competition closes at 6pm this Sunday (December 26th) and I’ll announce the winners on Monday.

Good luck and happy reading!

*Only one entry per person

*This is a sponsored post


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Lisa P

Enter me please.. My favourite book is Sophie Kinsella Shopoholic Series or any of her books really. There all really great, ones that keep you going for ages and when its finished your like.. wait I want more! xx


This is hard.
I have favourites of the different phases of growing up!
To Kill a Mockingbird was the first book I actually read, and didn’t just pretend to read.
It then went on to be the first book (with no pictures!) that I bought. Willingly.
When I was a geek at college and hid in the library, the one book I’d go back to would be A Thousan Splendid Suns.
I read it so many times.
…and My most recent fave, that I constantly go back to?
The Dirty Havana Trilogy.

The Jaded NYer

Favorite? Of all time? Well, the Bible of course! It’s the best piece of fiction ever. Except in the first few chapters it was a little repetitive w/all the begetting, but if you give it a chance it really picks up in the end… *waits for lightening bolts*


Kirsten Murphy

I’m a bookaholic and always have 2 or 3 on the go. I love loads of different ones but my go to feel good book is Flanagan’s Run by Tom McNab.

Julie Henderson

my favourite book i have read recently is positively yours by amanda

It was truly chick lit and exctremely non put down stuff


hi Bangs,

hmm probably ‘after you’d gone’ by maggie o’farrell. olther big hits that come to mind: ‘secret history’ by donna tart, ‘body surfing’ by anita shreve and ‘what i talk abour when i talk about running’ by Murakami (one for YOU actually!!). i now want to read Jo Moyles book “last letter to my lover” and India Knight’s new book which i hear is ace.x


i loved all the biographies of Elvis’s life – i find them all fascinating but harrry potter gotta be my all time favourite

Kelly Peel

My favourite book is actually Ralphs Party and coincidently is written by Lisa Jewel. I can never ever put my finger on why, but for some reason whenever asked what my favourite books are, Ralphs Party is the one I remember most fondly reading. It made me want to pack up and move to London in an instant. xx

Lorna Appiah

Wow, what a question. It seems a bit like drowning must be – seeing your whole life flash by. And while it did, I tried to grab my favourite book and see what it was. ‘Brighton Rock’ baffled me when I was too young to understand how an anti-hero could be a main character. But a second reading helped. Then I must have loaned my copy out and recently found and bought a new one. As well as the pleasure of re-reading, I enjoyed simply holding a lovely new clean book and writing my name in the front.


For me it has to be any of the Inspector Linley series by Elizabeth George


My favourite book ever is probably Memoirs of a Geisha. So beautifully written, I’ve read it dozens of times and am always drawn into Sayuri’s world, which is so vivid it’s disorienting.

Angel Dee

Yikes! I have a million books I could chose, but I’ve just re-read On Beauty by Zadie Smith as I’m off sick with horrendous back pain and awaiting a huge order from Amazon. Really love how Smith gets into the head of her characters so much so you understand their actions/reactions.


Favourite book has to be “TIme for Bed” by David Baddiel – made me both laugh out loud and weep like a child (although not at the same time). Amazing debut novel.

Elizabeth @ rosalilium

‘Everything is Illuminated’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. Genius book, clever use of language and tone, twisting stories and beautiful imagery. Very honest, funny and human. And it was his debut novel. Highly recommended.


I love Jasper Fforde – They Eyre Affair it makes me laugh and is a bit of literary escapism @kelliec3

Crystal Fulber

Oooohhhh. So hard to choose. I’m going to say….’Kane & Abel’ by Jeffery Archer. I have loved it since the first time I read it, and each and every time since. It is my ‘go to’ suggestion when someone is looking for a new book…..and they have all loved it too! Happy holidays. 🙂

Zoe Campbell

I love books from gritty crime to the bubbliest chick lit but my favourite is Rachels Holiday by Marian Keyes. It was the first book of hers and it set a fab introduction to the irish walsh family. Rereading it now and makes me laugh out loud.


I love books and have been struggling to pick. But I think being a true geek I am going to say the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I always go back to them, I even have special editions.


My favorite book is The Perfect Husband. Thanks so much for the chance.

Christine Taylor

‘Gone with the Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell….this was the book that gave me my love of reading all those years ago..when I finished reading it I felt sad, didn’t think I’d ever find another good book..but of course I did, dozens of them !

Samantha Cassidy

My favourite book is Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

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