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My Top 50 Awesome Happy Things List

The ‘glass half empty’ approach to life is for suckas. Nothing annoys me more than people who just constantly moan. More than likely, they just don’t know how good they’ve got it. And life doesn’t always come down to the big stuff – if you look at all the awesome little stuff that happens, you’ll be smiling before you know it. Here’s my list of awesome happy things that make me smile. Feel free to add some of yours in the comments.

  • Climbing into bed when you’ve just put fresh, clean bed sheets on it
  • Rainbows
  • Two favourite songs coming on in succession on your iPod shuffle
  • Having no choice but to laugh ’cause someone else’s laugh is so infectious
  • Arriving just in time for a train
  • Sunlight streaming in through Venetian blinds
  • When you press hard when you write and the paper gets all crinkly and you can see the print on the next page
  • Running in the rain (the more torrential the downpour, the better)
  • Getting an actual letter that isn’t a bill in the post
  • A hot shower at the end of a long day
  • Doing a little dance to avoid the cracks on the pavement
  • Overhearing someone’s iPod playing something really cheesy
  • Really powerful G Force strength hand dryers
  • Flipping an omelette at exactly the right moment
  • When you lose something and someone has handed it in
  • When call centre staff veer off script and have a genuine, funny conversation with you
  • Hot honey milk in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep
  • Getting the last seat on the train when your feet are killing you
  • The Cosby Show. Nuff said.
  • Doing Mariah Carey singing hands while singing along to anything
  • Throwing something in the bin across the room and it actually going in
  • The cab ride home with your friends after a great night out
  • Putting your hair up after wearing it own all day or letting it down after it being up all day
  • When a company has really great hold music
  • High fiving and fist bumping people
  • The crisp smell of the air in winter
  • Going somewhere you expect to have a huge queue and there isn’t one
  • Imagining you’re Captain Planet because you recycle
  • Eggnog (basically my favourite thing in life)
  • Bubblewrap
  • Dropping something breakable and it not breaking
  • Paying a complete stranger a compliment
  • Friendly bus drivers
  • Testing out pens at a stationery shop
  • Only using your Boots Advantage Card to see how many points you have on your receipt with no intention of ever actually using them
  • Hearing kids make up games that make you wish you were still that creative
  • Discovering a new freckle
  • Listening to people speak in a foreign language and imagining you know exactly what they’re saying
  • Sitting in a room you just tidied
  • Going to the cinema and no one sits in front of you
  • Having just enough money on your Oyster card
  • Wearing noisy shoes and tap dancing on the kitchen floor
  • That new book smell
  • Having an absolutely perfect hair day
  • Going into a cafe you frequent often and saying ‘the usual please’ and they know what you mean
  • The ad libs in the background of any Busta Rhymes song
  • Putting your clothes on the radiator to warm them up before you put them on
  • Dad hugs
  • The Magnum PI theme music
  • Wearing new shoes for the first time and they don’t hurt

What are some of your awesome happy things?

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Ha you’d love my 3 year old. He goes around hi fiving people and fist bumping them and saying respect. Lol.


Having a perfect make up day
Making someone smile
Lying in the dark listening to music to get over the day from hell


Anne Chia

On some days I get so caught up with stuff, i forget it is the simplest things in life that make me happy. Thanks for the reminder xxx

Emma B

Aw Bangs. You’ve got me grinning ear to ear and, trust me, that ain’t easy on a Monday morning. All of the above plus – removing big earrings after a great night out, the beauty and peacefulness of sleeping children and a fridge full of groceries on shopping day. Have a blessed day my lovely.


Fantastic list Bangs! Things I love:

The first coffee of the day.
A random text from my boyfriend telling me he loves me.
Freshly cut grass.
Brand new running shoes
Grilled haloumi
New pillows
Bread straight from the oven.
Homemade blueberry muffins
Tea, drunk in the bath

I could go on. πŸ™‚

Sally Todd

Getting back into a warm bed when you have had to get up for a wee in the middle of the night in winter.

That first sip of ice cold wine after a shitty day.

Loads more but I am wondering….. How many unused Boots advantage points out there and how much to the equate too? Cos I do the exact same thing!

Clover Neiberg

I SO needed this today. Thank you.

Here’s mine: Visiting a favorite blog and discovering that the author has again uncannily read your mind and written exactly the post you need to read right this exact minute.

Claire Nelson

I love this – this made me happy! I love your list! Going to take up your suggestion and add my own:

– When an overseas friend emails a funny picture, with no subject header.
– Finding a fiver or tenner in your wallet/pocket you didn’t know was there.
– The first 30 seconds of getting on my bicycle.
– The remaining duration of every bicycle ride.
– Summer holiday anticipation.
– Someone telling you something you said inspired them to positive action.
– A good cup of Earl Grey.
– The smell of secondhand books.
– Ordering a pub meal when you’ve earned it after a day of hiking.
– The first time you put a scarf on when autumn starts.
– Waking up and realising it’s Sunday. And it’s raining outside.


Lovely list – I kept a “gratitude diary” for a while during a particularly low period and wrote this sort of stuff down every evening, and found it really helped me.

The man who lives over the back from me has a German Shepherd puppy which looks like a little bear. When I’m washing the dishes it always makes me smile to watch him playing with it – especially as he’s had to put up a makeshift ramp over his steps as the puppy’s too wee to climb them at the moment.

Wendi B

Home-made coleslaw

An instant message just to say ‘hi’ from someone you have I crush on

A warm and sunny day

Soca music


Lovely post, so needed on a monday!

Mine are also
Having a parcel arrive that you forgot was coming
Getting up in the morning and someone has made you a cuppa already
Getting the last parking space
Thinking you’re running late then realising you’re not
Waking up hours early and the realisation you don’t have to get up yet or waking up at the weekend thinking you really don’t want to get out of bed then realising you don’t have to
When the weatherman says it’s going to rain and it turns out to be a lovely day



What a delightful list!Heres a few of mine:

Getting up early on a summers day.
Going to bed early on a winters night.
Hands covered in soil from gardening.
Fish and chips from a proper fish and chip shop
That cant-put-it down feeling from a really good book
The sound of the sea
The half heard sound of children playing on a beach.
Anything by the Beatles.
Walking in the rain with the one I love – cliche I know but so true!
Sunday morning coffee with friends
When Arsenal win!


“Discovering a new freckle” – made me laugh! Here’s some more

Crossing everything off a to-do list
Having a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s to yourself
Painting nails and managing not to smudge any
Watching trash TV, preferably at midday, still in pyjamas
Completely cocooning yourself in duvets and blankets in bed in wintertime
Thinking you’re going to have to take public transport then being offered a lift!

Lovely post today Bangs


Glorious sunsets
The sound of the sea
The sight and sound of flying geese
Smiles and hugs from the people I love
Smiling at strangers….and eventually receiving one back
The aroma of a new book
Laughing with friends
Poppies in a field
Sitting boundary-side in the summer, watching cricket!


– Sitting down with a cup of tea.
– Eating a really good piece of cake…or just eating cake.
– Having a meal with good friends.
– The anticipation after the theatre lights dim and the movie’s about to start.
– Watching a Jane Austen film.

The Jaded NYer

Awww, love your list! I shall steal this idea for a future post. Well, it’s not really stealing if I tell you I’m going to do it and then link back to you…hmmm…how about “I shall incorporate this into a future blog post & be sure to pay homage to your original post” that way we won’t have a Lil Kim/Nicki Minage situation going on. I really don’t have time to work on a revenge mixtape right now…

Jane Shortall

Thanks for the reminder – yes, I did miss it – was off the air for a week. What a Fantastic list? In the eats department (yes to fish & chips of course) but, one fresh Tomate Noir, some just picked basil & a big drizzle of olive oil…with that first glass of crisp white…yep!

Rita Mc

The unconditional love of a pet,
The awesome changing of daytime skies & the wonder of a night sky,
The loudness of silence

Nick Bain

London right now! – the traditional cynicism is falling away to excitement and getting ready to show the world how fecking amazing our city is.
Sharing a smile with a complete stranger
Imagining you’re in the music video of the track you’re currently listening to
The first sip of a well earned pint
The dull ache the morning after a hardcore gym session
Sleeping naked & not needing a cover


OMG! Love,love,love this list! We have so-o-o-o very much to be grateful for. My toddler granddaughter’s and I jump up and dance together to the Magnum P.I. theme song, oh, that made me laugh when I saw that and paying complete strangers a compliment, I do do that and who can fathom what a difference that simple gueture may have in someones tough day!!!! You’re a blessing!!!!

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