Winter Running Essentials

I see so many people wimp out on running when the weather turns a little chilly. Don’t be a punk! It’s all just about wearing the right kit. So I thought I’d put together a few of my favourites and show you how to still look fly even when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose.

The Basics

Do I run shirtless in winter? Do I heck, but I can never do a running kit post without reminding you of the importance of a sports bra. See it, buy it, wear it. Seriously ladies, look after your chesticles! I favour a compression style bra (I don’t have big tatas so these work well for me), but for more info on the type of bra that works for you, check out this post I did on sports bras.

Next, I cannot recommend Under Armour tops enough. It’s just polyester and elastane but manages to insulate while remaining breathable. It’s a wickable fabric too which basically means it doesn’t lock all the sweat in so you won’t feel like a hot, sweaty mess.

Leggings wise – Skins are my old favourite. Tried and tested. I’ve done a lot of miles in these bad boys. People often ask me if they should wear a heavier tracksuit bottom during the winter months. Short answer: no. Once you’re running, your body warms up and your legs feel fine. Funny how the human body works eh?!

OK, so is that first picture basically an excuse for me to remind you again that I just did a marathon? Basically, yeah. But also to show you the key to winter running is light layering. This (*ahem* exclusive Nike Women’s Marathon 2011) top is the same fabric makeup of the Under Armour one. It’s light, but also insulates while being breathable. I can wear this over a dri-fit vest or T Shirt out on a run and be just fine.

I don’t care who you are, you are not too cool to wear fluorescent. This is a winter running ESSENTIAL in every sense of the word. Don’t be the douchebag out running at night dressed head-to-toe in black. Newsflash: PEOPLE CAN’T SEE YOU! Seriously, let’s see how cool you are in an ambulance. For the next few months, if you’re running before or after work, you’ll be doing it in the dark. Make it easy on everybody by making yourself visible. My jacket is by Ronhill – lightweight, keeps the wind out and I can layer underneath.

Next we have the beauty of the Under Armour – it’s not bulky so you can still wear your favourite T Shirt over it, adding a little extra warmth and the cool factor. Yes, I had that T Shirt custom made. That’s how I roll.

These are my two favourite running accessories ever.

My number one winter running essential will always be eGLOVE. Don’t try to wear regular gloves when running – your hands will sweat clean off your body. These bad boys don’t make your hands all sweaty, but even better, those pads you see on the index finger and thumb tips mean you can use your touchscreen phone with them on. That’s right! No more glove removal! Genius, non? They also have grip, which comes in handy if you happen to slip and there’s a railing nearby (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything *ahem*) Aaannnddd, because the people at eGLOVE are so badass, they give my awesome readers 20% off – just enter BANGS20 at the checkout. Boom.

That lovely pink thing you see on my arm there is the Y-Fumble. Again, one of the best running accessories. It’s a right faff trying to figure out where to stash your phone, keys, cash etc for a run. Bumbags are awkward, the little pockets in leggings or tops are fiddly and things fall out, but the Y-Fumble, the Y-Fumble my friends is the answer to all your prayers. This arm band stays snug without strangling your bicep and you can fit a surprising amount in it. I usually stash my phone, keys, Oyster card, debit card, cash and a couple of energy gels in there. It doesn’t slip down (even when wearing it against bare, sweaty skin in summer) and nothing jingles around in there. Quite simply, awesome.

So there you have it – my faves. The key is in layering and staying visible. Happy winter running y’all!

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