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Introducing Team Bangs on the Run 3!

The wait is finally over! Take a look at the badasses above – that right there my friends, is the new Team Bangs. After the raging success of Team Bangs on the Run 1 (in Paris) and 2 (in Greenwich, not quite as glamorous), I have been inundated with people asking me ‘when is the next Team Bangs and how can I be involved?’ Needless to say, I’m delighted to finally get the next installment underway.

Let me introduce you to my team. From left to right we have:

Christiana – (@christiana1987) Awesome writer, vlogger and epic tweeter, Christiana is a very important voice. Wise beyond her years, she is steadily carving out her own path to greatness and I’m happy to be along for the ride.

Orsii – (@Orsii) Orsii was born in Transylvania (that’s an actual place!) and grew up in Sweden. She works for a record label, is doing a Masters in Music Industries and is also a pretty badass DJ.

Sarah Mei – (@missmei) As the events coordinator at Nike iD, Miss Mei doesn’t just have her finger on the pulse of what’s cool, she basically IS the pulse. She’s also a total sneaker freak and lover of cake.

Danielle – (@Danilorum) This girl has an infectious joyful spirit and sense of happiness – forget Team Bangs, she’s on Team Life. She’s an insanely talented filmmaker and owner of a lovely ample bosom.

That’s me in the middle – pretty sure you’re all familiar with me at this point.

Rachel – (@RachelAfia) She may look serious but she’s delightfully goofy and provides much of the laughter in the team. But when it’s time to do business, this PR girl is on her game. Make way!

Rhalou – (@Rhalou) As the online editor of Women’s Running magazine, Rhalou does a hell of a lot of running. She is also known as ‘Sexy Hot Ginger Disco Freak.’

Sarah G – (@missysarbear) Photographer, agent and mama to the adorable four year old Mia (our team mascot) Sarah basically runs everywhere. With two half marathons under her belt, in training for this third one, she came to play. Game face!

These are all girls I look up to and admire – I love their work ethic and drive and I know their journey will inspire many more women to get out there and lace up their trainers, and that’s what Team Bangs is all about.

So that’s Team Bangs 3 – but we want YOU to join us!

We’ll be doing the Berlin Half Marathon on April 1st 2012. You will see us tweet and blog about our training regularly. We want you to sign up for the race too, train alongside us online and come do the race in Berlin. Come on! Whaddaya say? Let’s have ourselves a Team Bangs army out in Germany!

Isn’t it time you challenged yourself? Don’t you want to push yourself and see what you can do? Five of the girls on this team have never run before and I’ll be training them up and watching them cross that finish line with pride in Berlin on April 1st. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it. You can! And there’s only one way to find out. Register for the half marathon here, find yourself a training plan, follow all us girls on Twitter and train with us. You will be race ready by April 1st.



Photography by Elliot Morgan

Makeup by Kath Gould

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Go ladies! *pops and locks* wish I could be there, will cheer you on in spirit xx


Whoop! Good luck, I’ll be right there in Berlin with you lot. My gf is coming too, its gonna be her first race! And now there’s even more motivation for her 😀 Excited!

my honest answer

Looks like a grat bunch of good ladies – good luck with all the training (especially in this miserable weather).

You know your article from a couple of weeks ago – – it got me thinking. And as I read about the members of the team in this post, I noticed that you did describe each person in a way by listing what they do. So it must be an important part of who we are, and how we describe others.

I hope you don’t think I’m being critical, it’s just that as I read about each team member I recalled that article, and it made me realise that it’s obviously stayed with me.

Emily Jayne

Yay! Go team bangs! Will be looking forward to following your adventures next year.

Although I’m not really up for a race, I like to feel that I’ll be a member of the army in spirit as you totally inspired me to start running this year.

Next year my aim is to run more regularly, get into a routine with it and actually be able to run none stop for a mile. May seem like a tiny target to those who are running half marathons, but for me it seems like a mountain!


:O finally made it onto the page –


You lot are ALL kinds of sexy. This is a beautiful and TALENTED team – can’t wait to see you all reppin’ Team Bangs in Berlin! I’ll be racing too, and bringing Mama Busby (mother of Team Bangs practically) along for the cheersquad. Oh gosh I’m so much more excited about Berlin now than I thought I’d ever be!!!


Like Emily Jayne, another spiritual team member here!
I’m training for my first 10K in a long time which is on 4th March, so I think a half mara a few days later is probs a little out of my league right now. I want to do one towards the end of the year though when I’m more comfortable with the longer runs!
Good luck ladies 🙂


Well thats it then… I will have my ass in gear for Team Bangs 4.. There had better be a Team Bangs 4– as a student I’m saving up for it as I’m too broke to go to Berlin!! =P But I will have pom poms at the ready to cheer you all on! =D xXx


Huzzah Team Bangs! I wish I could afford the airfare to run this race with you all, but instead I think I’ll find a race here and train just as well.

But seriously – you guys look hot!


Ok, now I want to try and start running. I can’t promise I will sign up for the half mara but I’m defiantly up for following your training and getting involved where possible.


Jo (Dexterous Diva)

Yaaaay! As a Team Bangs 2 lady I am super pumped to see Team Bangs 3 getting their trainers on! I can;t see you in Berlins (£££’s say no) but I will be runnign a half the same day and will be thinking of you! xxx

Honest Mum

Wowsa, what a beautiful group of ladies. You all look gorgeous and ready to run baby run! Love it. Keep truckin’ xx


Awwww you all look awesome and super bad ass!!!! I’m going to try yet again to make it across the seas to join you all. I just got my membership back to the gym, to drop some much needed lbs and to start training in and outdoors. So I hope to finally be in your prescense in 2012!

So excited for you all!!


Awesome! 8 beautiful and inspiring ladies. I will be training with you at home and hopefully I will be able to join in person in the next Bangs running revolution!



I’m so excited there’s a new team bangs in town. Looking forward to reading about your journey. I’m not signing up to Berlin but I am to Reading which is on the same day. You all look like a badass bunch and I bet you’re all going to be amazing xx

Karleen Smith

I am so excited about this and what a hot bunch of ladies! This team is just smokin’! As a member of Team Bangs 1 I’m thrilled that I was there in Greenwich and I’m going to be in Berlin with bells on too. I’m not sure Berlin is ready for this. Good work ladies and I look forward to following your journey which I know is going to be amazing. x


I’ll be there in spirit for sure, I’m training to do a 1/2 marathon too 😀 will be watching for training tweets and posts 🙂


WOW! I can’t express how excited I am to see the next set of Bangs girls! You guys are all fab; I’ve got the pleasure of knowing some of you already via twitter/the universe. As a Bangs on the Run ‘grad’ (as we’ve named ourselves) I can assure you that this shiz will be life-changing.


Man this is so exciting. So excited to see what you guys get up to and that you’ve picked *ahem* THE MOST AWESOME COUNTRY ever to train for. Berlin is a great city too.

You lot are a massive inspiration, and even if I can’t make the actual event in Berlin, I’m now aiming to run the same distance, if possible that day.

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