December 3, 2011 | life

My Week in Pictures

It was a pretty low key week for me this week. Read on to see what I got up to.

1. I had a meeting with the artist INSA at his studio. Totally fascinating place – pretty hard to focus on the conversation when you’re surrounded by so much visual awesomeness.

2. Major cat emergency this week. Poor little fella couldn’t pass any urine at all. Took him to the vet who told us he could die in 12 hours if it wasn’t dealt with straight away (!). Cue us having total panic attacks. The vet put me and the cat in a cab straight to the emergency hospital where he had surgery. We went to visit him the next day – he was all drugged up, had a catheter in and one of those cone things around his neck. A very sad sight. We finally got him home on Thursday and as you can see, he’s back to his usual self, ignoring us. All is right with the world.

3. I had a meeting with a friend at the South Bank. This is one of my favourite areas of London. There’s always such a nice vibe and it looks pretty at any time of year. There’s a Christmas market going on at the moment and it made me feel all festive.

4. On Wednesday I had my hair blow dried at Gielly Green – fab experience. It was my first time at that salon and they have, without a doubt, some of the comfiest hair wash chairs of any salon I’ve been to. I damn near fell asleep getting my hair shampooed. The blow dry itself was amazingly quick as two stylists tag teamed around my head, leaving me with the bouncy, full of body barnet you see here. Not to mention my hair smelt amazing. I’ll definitely be going back there again.

5. My other half has a rather extensive collection of trainers (we’re talking hundreds of pairs), which he has decided to sell on. I’m helping to take pics of them all – a rather laborious task but it’s also kind of like working in a museum. I’m getting a real education in the history of sneakers.

6. Last night I went to see the one man show of Polarbear, a spoken word artist and generally all round awesome story teller. The show was called ‘Old Me’ and was really fantastic. It seems silly to say he has a wonderful way with words, but he really does. His story flowed non-stop on stage for an hour and it was compelling. Got me thinking about doing my own one-woman show. Hmm, watch this space…

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I had a writing workshop with Polarbear a couple of years ago, he’s such a great guy and you’re right he has a great way with words


So glad the cats okay, poor thang xx
Love week in pictures feature, great insight into the world of The Bangs

Honest Mum

Awesome week. Poor kitty, glad he’s better and Southbank is one of my all time favourite hangouts in London too. I’m sure Polarbear won a Channel 4 4Talent Award the same year as me. Awesome he’s doing so well x

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