Bangs Does PopHive

The fabulous Cate Sevilla, founder of the awesome website Bitch Buzz, recently expanded her awesomeness exponentially with the creation of PopHive, an internet TV show all about pop culture. She recently asked if she could interview me and I’m never one to turn down til avec La Sevilla. We had a great ol’ chat about blogging and running and a quick fire round of questions for which I gave some rather embarrassing answers (well, my love of Phil Collins may be embarrassing to you, but I’m fine with it).

It just stands to reason of course that we filmed this on what must have been my worst skin day in a very long time, so apologies that you have to look at my rather distressed looking face, but hopefully you’re too busy being distracted by my mind blowing intelligence that you barely even notice.

You can check out more PopHive here and Cate’s other site Bitch Buzz here – both highly recommended by moi.

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