April 13, 2012 | life

Bangs in the Press!

What a whirlwind period of awesome it’s been in the life and times of Bangs of late. Racing in Berlin, starting Spikes & Heels, just having so many damn awesome people in my life – I wake up every day high fiving life! To add to it all, myself and two of my Team Bangs on the Run girls are featured in the May issue of Zest Magazine. We did the shoot a month or so back and had an absolute blast doing it (which is pretty evident from the finished product methinks).

Candice (pictured on the right) was a part of Team Bangs 2 and Orsi (on the left) was part of Team Bangs 3. We’ve all become great friends and this day on the shoot was a laugh a minute. It was nice to take a day out of training to just kick back, get pampered a little and pose. When I went to pick up my copy of the magazine a couple of days ago, it was all very surreal. Two years ago, I was a couch potato. Now here I am in a fitness magazine. Who’s life is this?! The world works in funny ways. I’d like to point out, my hair and makeup are always that perfect when I run. ALWAYS.

I was also recently interviewed for the Stride arm of Sweat Republic – a great new fitness site. I talk about my love for fitness and what I feel are some of the issues surrounding women and running. I really enjoyed doing the interview and it’s great to be connecting with people across the globe who have similar interests to me. Cool sites about fitness are so hot right now *insert ad for Spikes & Heels here*

And lastly but definitely not leastly, Bangs reader Catherine wrote this absolutely adorable blog post this week which took my breath away. I started blogging because I really wanted to connect with people but I never thought it would have the effect Catherine describes in her post. I am beyond moved and also, very proud of Catherine of course. I may or may not have cried on the train when reading that post. Thug tears, obviously, thug tears made of badass and awesomeness.

Til next week y’all. Have a great weekend.

Also, don’t forget to vote for me to win a Nissan LEAF electric car! Just click here and click ‘Turn On’ – there’s a funny little vid of me and my other half on there too. Thanks guys!

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Honest Mum

Congrats gorgeous, you deserve it and more! So amazing that you are so passionate about running and are using your love for it to inspire others-that’s what life’s about x

Bailey Ana

Really proud of you and what you are doing, it’s definitely inspirational 🙂

ps we need to hook up already 🙂


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