Nissan LEAF Big Turn On Challenge

So, Nissan approached me a few weeks and offered to give me their new Nissan LEAF, an electric car, to test drive for a couple of weeks as part of their Big Turn On Challenge. (I know, I know, this is my life, I understand it’s a little crazy). I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Bangs! You don’t drive!’ That was my reaction exactly, my friends. But knowing that my other half does and being quite adamant in my own attempts to save the planet through recycling, conserving energy and what have you, I was really interested in trying out an electric car.

Our challenge as part of the Big Turn On Challenge was to see how much money we could make using the Nissan LEAF as a taxi. So, a few weeks ago, we spent the day ferrying people around the city and made the grand total of…*drum roll please*….less than £1. This thing is ridiculously cheap to run. The one thing you notice instantly is how quiet it is, which kind of freaks you out at first but is actually pretty nice once you get going. There are no gears or keys (you just press a button to start it), and you simply plug it in to recharge it, yes, plug it in! – it basically just feels like you’re riding around in the future.

We had the car dropped off to us yesterday so are looking forward to zooming around the city in it (well, I say ‘zooming’, what I mean is we’ll be sticking to the speed limit at all times and since the car is silent, there will be no zooming noise anyway).

What’s pretty exciting for all of us participating in The Big Turn on Challenge is that we have the opportunity to win the car. As I think it’s really about time I learned to drive, I wouldn’t mind winning this bad boy! The winner is determined by the number of points we get. So, you can head on over to my hub page on The Big Turn On site and click ‘Turn on’ or just mention my personal hashtag #NissanLEAFcar30 in a tweet, which will get me some more points. If you reserve a test drive from my hub page on the site (and I definitely recommend testing one of these things for the experience), I get a whopping 30 points. The Big Turn On Challenge could turn into ‘Operation Bangs-Learns-to-Drive-Safely-and-Silently-While-Saving-the-Environment’ – everybody wins!

Anyhoo, let me know what you think of the vid. How about you, have you ever tried an electric car? Would you?

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