July 9, 2012 | fashion, life

Run Hard, Party Harder

So you may think that the life of a runner is pretty boring. All 6am runs and a strict diet. Not so! No siree! As you know, I run with the mighty Run Dem Crew and our runner life is anything but boring, amigos. This past weekend, we almost outdid ourselves in awesomeness. It was the British 10K on Sunday and we had various Nike running crews from all over the world (Amsterdam, New York, Mexico, LA, Paris, Russia, Tokyo, Beijing to name a few) fly in to run it and celebrate with us. This is the second time we’ve gathered the crews (the first time being for the Berlin half marathon back in April) and we call these gatherings ‘Bridge the Gap’. Our aim is to share our lives through running and creativity and make connections with others around the world who share our passions.

This weekend was really one for the books. On Friday night, the first event coordinated by Run Dem Crew leader Charlie Dark was drag racing in the Leake Street tunnel. Maybe you had to be there to really get how awesome this was, but I took as many pictures as I could to hopefully give you an idea of how much fun we have, how much we bond as a crew and how it doesn’t matter where you’re from, everyone understands the language of RUN!

After the fun in Leake Street tunnel on Friday, we also ran and partied on Saturday, then did the 10K on Sunday, followed by the party to end all parties – Nike’s #FuelFest at Battersea Power Station which was just incredible.

Tomorrow, the Lycra goes back on and we run again as preparation for the Amsterdam Half Marathon begins.

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I’m insanely jealous, this all sounds so fun! I was recently asked who my favourite person I follow on twitter is (that is badly worded but i’m too tired to fix it, you get the gist) and I said anyone from the Run Dem Crew. In my head, I’m a fully fledged member! <3

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