Overcoming Camera Shyness

Probably since the camera was first invented, there was some woman saying ‘Wait! Let me just retouch my lippy!’ before allowing the shot to be taken. And so, through the ages, women have shied away from the lens and a new study by Photobox confirms that the laydeez are just not fans of the snapshot. So, what are the underlying reasons why?

Well, it seems we still have a giant body image hurdle to overcome. And what is fuelling that? According to the Photobox research, women are bothered by other female opinions of their pictures. Of the 1000 women surveyed, only 1 in 10 actually cared what men thought of them in pics. I’ve often heard people say women dress for other women and I guess, to an extent, that is true. We all fear the truckload of judgment that’ll come our way if a hair’s out of place.

Allow me to get a little stat-tastic on you for a moment, if I may:

-       Female opinion bothers women aged 36 – 45 the most

-       75% of women surveyed hate swimwear shots

-       Women fear looking fat in pictures

-       Women 26 – 35 have more confidence when being photographed (as is evidenced by the abundance of bathroom mirror self portraits all over Facebook)

So what can be done? How do we get the confidence to stand in front of the camera and own it? Photobox give the following tips for taking a good full length shot:

-       Choose clothes that are comfortable and flattering

-       Think ‘relaxed beauty queen’. Turn slightly sideways, the closest leg to the camera should be forward with the toe turned out and shoulders turned slightly towards the camera. Straight on shots will make you look wider.

-       Wearing the same colour top and bottom will lengthen you and V necked tops elongate your neck.

-       If possible, get the photographer to shoot down on you and look up at the camera. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Along with all the great posing tips, I’d like to add this: stop fearing the judgment. People are judging you all the time. It doesn’t mean they’re right and you don’t have to listen. You know who you are. And furthermore, who cares?! So someone thinks you look a little chubby in the picture – believe it or not, the world keeps turning.

People aren’t thinking about us half as much as we think they are. Why on earth would you let the opinions of others prevent you from documenting important moments in your life?

Get in front of that camera, fully and gloriously step into yourself and capture a moment in time. Both the picture and the feeling of being okay with you are pretty cool things to last forever.

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