The Knomo Alice Bag

Well it looks like there will never come a time where Knomo bags don’t make it onto my favourite things list. NEVAH! I don’t know how they keep bettering themselves, but they do. Yes I know, I’ve written about them before here and here, but their Autumn/Winter range is now out and this bag, the ‘Alice’ as it’s known, will be my new staple accessory du jour (and all of the jours most likely for the rest of time). Doesn’t look like your average laptop bag, does it? Of course it doesn’t, because it’s filled not only with my laptop, but a whole bunch of awesomeness. Check it out…

I’m not a fan of tan coloured accessories and tend to gravitate towards darker colours for the AW season, but this bag is not tan my friends. Oh no. It’s Mango. And seriously, there is a huge difference. This is a colour of warmth, it’s richer than tan, there’s more to it. It’s like a burnt leaf, deep orange hue (I’m just inventing colour palettes here, but work with me). It’s a really great shade to compliment the colours of the season.

The inside: first of all, purple lining, which brings you intense joy – it’s like every time you open it, Prince sings you a little song. And then of course there’s the pockets. Pockets galore! It’s like a magical mystery land in there. There’s a padded compartment for your laptop, as is customary with Knomo bags, but given that it’s a large bag, your things can stay really organised in there due to all the pocket action.

At any given time, I’m carrying at least this amount of stuff around with me, usually more and it all fits in the Alice with plenty of room to spare.

So basically, if you’re looking for a versatile bag to get you through the season and transport your laptop around fashionably, three guesses which bag I’m recommending.

Check out more Knomo bags over on their website.

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