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Fit For Life Video Sessions

Any of you who follow this here blog will know that I’ve been on quite the fitness journey over the past couple of years. This has led to me running seven half marathons (with three more coming up this month), a full marathon, getting into boxing and pretty much throwing myself into any other fitness challenge that comes my way. Because of the role fitness has taken in my life, I started my Spikes and Heels website, dedicated to fitness for badass woman.

I get so many questions here, on Twitter and in real life about running and general fitness-related stuff from how to stay motivated to what kit to wear that I’ve decided to start doing some YouTube vids to answer some of them. The series will be called Fit For Life. My aim is simply to get more women to embrace fitness as part of their lifestyle and stop being scared of it.

So, my first video will be about running. What do you want to know? You can ask me anything – there are no stupid questions. If you’ve been looking to start running and are afraid to go into a running shop to find out the basics, just ask me.

Leave your questions in the comments section below and I will make a video addressing them ASAPtually.

So, ask away!

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Cassie M

this is such a great idea!i have wanted to start running for such a long time,but i think what stops me is how to start!by that i mean that i would like to have a weekly programme for a month lets say,so i know how long i should run each time…does that make any sense? what usually stops me is my breathing!even though i work out and am in good condition, i struggle to keep me breathing in control? im really looking forward to your youtubevid!


Hi! Fantastic idea! I work out alone so I find all my tips online etc and I am fit , but also have difficulty regulating my breathing when running especially. Also any injury avoiding tips for knees?
Looking forward to the vids:-)


I already am a pretty dedicated runner, but I have a question on behalf of all the newbies who might not think to ask this question.

Do you think it’s better, when you’re getting started, to follow some kind of training plan, or to free-form it? I see a lot of new runners these days following walk-to-run or couch-to-5k plans, and I find myself wondering if they’re missing the spontaneity and fun of running and focusing on the discipline and numbers side of the sport.

Back when I began running (in the dark ages, when we had to chase our prey), a friend got me into it and we just went out running together, taking progressively longer runs on pretty country roads while having interesting conversations, mainly about boys. We weren’t training and we didn’t have a mileage plan or particular goals. I’m not sure I would’ve stuck with it if we had.

I’d love your perspective on whether new runners would do best to follow a plan or not, and if so, whether there are particular plans you like for beginners.


I love running but every winter I find it so hard to keep motivated and generally give it up completely until the spring. How do you keep going when it’s cold, wet and dark?

Also what foods do you recommend pre and post run?


Sports massages. Do I need them? Really? What do they help with? I hear how great they are, but at £40 a pop I need to know I’m getting something my foam roller can’t deliver.


I would really appreciate any advice about eating times, eating before/after running and what type of foods are best for this, and how long one should wait after eating, to go running.

Any tips on good running gear?

Also, I am a J cup and although I have found some ‘ok’ sports bras, nothing is good enough really, do you have any tips for this issue?or know of any brands that cater for this? Currently I use shock absorber which are the best of a bad bunch, but still, no where near good.

Many thanks


Jackie B.

I feel like I need help in doing running specific stretches, before and after runs. I stretch but I never really know if I’m doing the right ones (I have a dance background). Also some to ease shin splints and all kinds of other wonderfully tights muscles that I’ve been getting lately while training. I’ve heard talk about a foam roller? I need help basically =) -jb.


Compression gear? Have you tried it? Does it work? Also, tips for keeping yourself really well hydrated (I’m pants at this!). Thank you muchly in advance. 😉


This is a fantastic idea : ) I just ran my second half marathon on Sunday (hurrah) but sometimes I struggle to motivate myself to get off my bum and go out for a run when the weather is crap. Any personal opinions or tricks on how to stay motivated with running through the winter months would be appreciated. x


I would like to know the best way to try running if you are broke.

Will any old trainers do, is there alternatives to the gizmos.

And also about breathing – Im sure I will have a heart attack if I tried to run, so how do you build it up or whatever and learn to breathe properly without looking like a idiot/giving up.

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