October 22, 2012 | fashion

Layering & Loungewear

I cannot wear my everyday clothes at home. Can’t do it. It’s a ritual of mine, when I get home, jewelry comes off, if my hair’s been down all day, I put it up (& vice versa) and I strip off my outfit in favour of loungewear. I love me some loungewear! The home is about comfort. It’s where we can take off our armour of power suits and pointy-toed shoes and just relax. Of course, coming into the winter months, I’m choosing my loungewear based on what will keep me warmest.

My loungewear might be track suit bottoms or leggings (I’m against leggings in any other setting than the home or running), cosy tops, jumpers or cardigans – I simply cannot sit around my house wearing jeans.

Over the past few years, I’ve definitely become more eco-conscious, recycling everything and saving energy everywhere I can. So, as we move into the temperature drop of winter, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to not be so reliant on central heating. This has been drilled into me by my parents who have gradually been turning their heating down over the years – it’s either find a way to stay warm, or have iciles coming out of your nose.

Extra blankets, only having the heating on for a certain amount of time – it all helps, but can your fashion choices also be good for the environment?

Oh yes my friends! I’ve recently been trying out some of Uniqlo’s Heattech stuff and it is rapidly becoming my loungewear brand of choice.

Why does Heattech keep you so warm?

Well here’s the science bit: the fabric converts the vapour generated by the body into heat and retains it between the micro-thin fibres. Bingo! Insulation!

From a practicality standpoint, what I like about the tops in particular is that they’re not heavy or bulky. I wear them either on their own or layer them under a jumper – they don’t add any bulk but keep you well insulated.

There are so many patterns and colors you can just wear them as tops with regular outfits too, or layer with them to give you a little extra warmth on your commute to work.

For me, I’ll be rocking these tops as loungewear all winter and turning the heating down a bit to try do my bit for the environment.

That brings a whole new meaning to ‘fashion conscious’ (I promise I won’t make such bad jokes in future).

Check out Uniqlo’s website for their Heattech range.

This week, Uniqlo will have some cool in-store installations centred around Heattech where your footsteps in the store will be converted into energy to power the digital screens. You’ll also have a chance to convert your energy and win Heattech products through the Facebook page. Make sure you check out the flagship stores this week.

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Not sure how you feel about these … but I’m a big onesie fan – purely from a practical point of view.

Style-wise they’re not the greatest (!) but the heat those bad boys produce is amazing!


I’ve recently converted to thermals for similar reasons as you say above – use less heating! Save more money! If it’s only me in the house, there’s no point in heating up the whole house just so I can stay warm, I’ll go and put some thermal socks on and layer up. I really wish we had a uniqlo in Liverpool, my colleague orders uniqlo thermals online though and swears by them.


I’m the same – everything comes off as soon I get home, in favour of loose clothing : ) Sweaty Betty is good for decent lougewear x


It was that moment of realisation. Even tho I loved my old lounging stuff it was just too scruffy & old. Sad times. Then I went to the Uniqlo site & now own a selection that’s warm and tidy enough to go shop(well milk newspaper etc shop) Good quality & cheap. Just got to keep the bleach marks at bay now.

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