October 31, 2012 | life

Wish List: Belle & Videre

I mentioned in a post recently how flummoxed anything interior decor-related leaves me. Flummoxed, I tell ye! How are you supposed to make decisions about how your whole house will look? How are you supposed to do that and hold down a job and have a social life and work out and all sorts of other things that make up a life when you have to make these choices about what wall colour will compliment your couch? Seriously, the very thought of this makes my brain hurt, I tell you. Anyhoo, I recently came across these Belle & Videre lampshades and figured, I would quite happily just have one of these in a room with nothing else in it and I figure that’s a ‘look’. I would win all the interior decorating awards. Particularly loving the shades made out of vintage T Shirts. Have added a few of these to my Christmas wishlist. Check out more pics below.

For more information on Belle & Videre, check out their website.

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See the lack of comnts? That’s because your blog in turning into one bug advert! Why don’t you give Uniqlo another mention? Or mention it on your other blog too? Oh, you’ve already done that…


How lucky bangs has you Alice to inform for of what works and what doesn’t on HER blog that SHE PAYS FOR. I’m sure you’ve got an uber popular blog yourself (what with your epic consultation session above) but it’s not cheap and sponsored posts and adverts pay the bills.

Just like a television the internet has got an off button. If you don’t like it may I suggest you shut down and read a book.


Wow those shades are rad, loving the Nike one.

Btw I’m totally with Rachael and her reaction to Alice. When it’s YOUR blog you’re welcome to post what you like but it’s not your blog is it? Sponsored posts on Bangs and a Bun are few and far between and you can guarantee that a blog as popular as this one gets offered a lot of sponsored posts. No-one forces you to read it.

Bangs and a Bun

ALICE – Hi Alice. Thanks for your comment. I feel as though I should probably make something clear: in the five years I’ve had this blog, I have done six sponsored posts. Not six a year. Six, in total, over five years. I’m sorry you feel that this fact makes this blog an advertising machine that is a sell out. But alas, and with all due respect, when you pay my bills, you can have an opinion on whether or not I choose to blog for money or not. This is what I do for a living, I cannot live on air.

I work extremely hard at what I do. I wish I could tell you how many opportunities I turn down. I only accept the ones that I feel truly align with who I am as a person, my interests and the interests of this blog, precisely because I don’t want to hawk every single product that is pitched to me. I won’t apologise for the fact that I’ve built my own brand to be visible enough that other brands want to work with me. I’m proud of my Uniqlo posts and yes, even prouder that they wanted to work with me across both my blogs. I don’t see that as something to be ashamed of.

On a side note, this particular post isn’t even a sponsored post. I came across Belle & Videre through a friend and they are a new small business just trying to get the word out. Since I have an avenue through which to spread that word, I thought I’d do my bit to help, as I genuinely do love the product – I haven’t been paid to mention them. If I didn’t like the product, it wouldn’t be on the blog, period.

Not that I have to justify the way I make a living to you at all, but the majority of money I make through the blog comes from work I get as a result of having this online presence. I do my best to keep blatant advertisements and too many sponsored posts off here.

But please, do tell me where you work so I can come to your workplace and tell you what a rubbish job you’re doing and how much of a sell out you are for daring to earn a living. I think that’d be only fair.

RACHAEL & FAYE – Thank you for understanding ladies. It is very much appreciated.


Even if this was your hobby, & not your job of work, it would be your right to fund it as you wish.

As it is, you are part of a pioneering new generation of journalists, leading the way and demonstrating how journalism can work in 21st century. Blazing a trail is never easy.

We teach people how to treat us & you are requiring people to treat you with respect & showing other (appreciative) readers of your blog how to do that too.

You’re not selling out – you’re leading by example.


i don’t get why people are mean on the internet. this is not the DMV. You don’t HAVE to look at this site. i like looking at the strange n different things that Bandgs n a bun posts, or tweets. its refreshing. i’ve never understood why people feel that just because they are behind a computer screen, they have the right to be rude. It would take less than 1second to click away. you don’t have to like every blog. whats the point in investing time n effort to purposely go out of ur way to TRY n hurt someone’s feelings. If that’s your intention, im sure there’s blogs for THAT. i liked the lamp shades… keep’m coming.

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