April 3, 2013 | life

Just Do It


I spend a lot of time talking to people about blogging or fitness. I’m often told that my own blogging journey or fitness journey has inspired others. I’ve coached people about their blogs, talked them through how to start one and keep it going. A common theme I encounter from people time and time again in both blogging and fitness is the ‘when’. When I’ve done this, this and this, then I can do that. When I’ve gotten through this really difficult time at work, then I can start getting fit. There are a whole lot of people who live for putting things off. Whether I’m advising people about their blogs or how to get started with fitness, my advice invariably starts out with: JUST DO IT!

Here’s the thing; there is no perfect time. All the stars could align the right way and it could still go wrong. They could never align at all and you’ll just keep waiting. People who live in the ‘when’ and ‘what if’ are governed by fear. They (and I use ‘they’ lightly, because I am convinced we have all lived in this moment at some point in our lives) are convinced that if they just keep planning and never actually doing exactly what it is they want to do, then it can’t really fail. Failure is at the root of it all.

But wouldn’t you rather have done it and tried than to be too scared to have started at all?

So what if it fails? Whatever it is that you keep putting in the ‘when’ category – what is the worst that could possibly happen? It’s only a failure if you allow it to be so. And to be incredibly cliche, it’s all just a learning experience.

I want to start a blog but I don’t know what to write about. Just start writing. Those ideas swilling around in your head may actually be of use to someone once you put finger to keyboard. What if no one reads it? Cool, no one read this one for two years either, but I kept writing.

I want to run but I’m scared I can’t do it. Just start running. I was overtaken by a pensioner on my first run. You can’t get better at something unless you actually try it to begin with.

You may have grand visions for your plan, but you can’t expect it to start out like that. It’s okay if the idea isn’t even fully formed. Just do it. Get it out, put it out there and work on it. You can iron out the tweaks as you go. Problems that come up can be solved along the way – when it’s all just in your head, you’re not even giving yourself a chance to see if it works and can be improved.

I get it. Your ideas are your babies. You want to protect them and make sure you treat them right. We all have the fear but you can’t let it govern you. Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do…JUST DO IT.

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This post came at a perfect time. Its time to stop putting things off and being scared and just get it done. Thank you.

Self Service UK

Very inspiring! Funny how these things come and find you at just the right time. Love how it’s not simply ‘just do it’ but also ‘stick with it’. Thank you. xx


I gave myself this exact pep talk on Sunday and have starting blogging again, although I need a lot of work on it I’m enjoying it, and I’ve worked out everyday this week.


Fab advice Bangs. I’m debating setting up on my own, taking the plunge and risk to be my own boss of a social enterprise. The fear is holding me back. But screw the fear, I’ll Just Do It! Thanks x

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