June 5, 2013 | life

Dear Body,

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Hey, how are ya? You’re looking good today. Just stopping by to check in with you and give you a high five. I know I’ve been giving you a bit of a beating of late, what with my cuh-razy training schedule, but hats off to you, you haven’t shied away from a challenge. You’ve taken every squat, press up, insanely long bike ride etc in your stride. Oh sure, you’ve occasionally grumbled, but frankly, I don’t blame you. I’m kinda surprised you don’t kick up a stink more often, you’d be completely within your rights to do so. I know it was a bit of a shock to your system when I dragged you off the couch a few years ago and started putting you through your paces. I guess I just wanted to touch base with you to, you know, say thanks.

Hey heart and lungs! Way to hang tough! You guys are my homies for life. Thanks to you and your support in me being able to bust out a mean sprint, I’ll never miss a bus again in my life. You’ve really gone above and beyond in your simple mission to, you know, keep me alive n’ all. It’s very much appreciated. I just want you to know your constant beating isn’t going unnoticed.

Blood! You’re awesome! Pumping away in there in my veins. Sometimes you rush to my face, even when I’m not embarrassed. I’ve been meaning to ask you what that’s all about, but I’m sure you have your reasons. As long as you’re doing all the important stuff, I guess I can overlook that minor transgression on your part.

Muscles – we’ve been through some good times over the last few years, eh?! You’ve gotten bigger. Yeah quads, I’m looking at you – you’ve really come into your own with this cycling thing. Thanks for powering me up hills. Glutes, what can I say dudes, it took you a while, but all of a sudden, you have shape. I may make it into a rap video yet. Biceps, I see you, filling out my sleeves all nice. But generally muscles, thanks for taking a hammering and powering me through all the increasingly tough physical challenges I put myself through.

Body, I’m sorry for not appreciating you in the past. Stomach, I’m especially sorry for punching you repeatedly throughout my teens because I thought you were too big. That was unfair. And actually just stupid, on reflection, but mainly undeserved. Face, sorry for the years I spent hating you. Height, it was wrong of me to ever insinuate that me being tall made me feel awkward amongst my shorter friends. Funny how I can walk into a room now, shoulders back, chest out, head high and be fully comfortable in my frame.

See, what I’ve come to realise Body, is that I only have one of you. And while society constantly dictates that I should only be concerned about your aesthetics, I just wanted to take a moment to big you up for all your glorious inner workings. As the days, months and years go on, I grow more and more grateful that I get to wake up and walk around in you every day. You’re pretty awesome.

So thanks Body, for all that you do. It may have taken me a while to say this, but I love you.

Big hugs,



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Abnormal Yak

This is so great. I have a really weird relationship with my body. I’d quite like to be a brain in a jar. I feel like my brain is “me” and my body is just this annoying thing I have to put up with, a bit like an old and embarrassing car you can’t afford to replace. I really need to foster a better relationship with my body. Is there some sort of couples counselling it and I could go to together?

The Jaded NYer

I would love my body if it would just understand that Buffalo wings and whiskey ARE PROPER FUEL and stop being all jiggly and achy all the time. That’s all.


I love this! We should celebrate ourselves more often. We are, frankly, awesome. I’ve been following your journey for a few years Bangs and you are such an inspiration. No procrastinating, no messing – you just get out there and take on the world. Woohoo.


Such a great piece! I have actually been thinking much of the same stuff recently… I used to treat my body so badly, really trying to make it up to her (yes, my body is female ;))

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