Christmas Emotions in GIFS!

It's a Wonderful Life

‘Tis the season y’all. You’re either the unlucky bastard who wound up working today or the smug one who is currently strolling around your house naked, in celebration – either way, it’s safe to say, no work is being done today. And so, in the spirit of Christmas laziness, I thought I’d put together a smorgasbord of Christmas emotions, through the medium of GIF, because, you know, CHRISTMAS. Enjoy.

At first, you’re all happy ’cause you’re not at work.

You are going to indulge in all the Christmas movies. Popcorn for everyone!

You can try to pretend you’re not excited about Christmas. You fool no one.

Gifts for others are good, but you feel great when you treat yo self.

There’s opening presents, there’s Christmas dinner, and there’s that weird in-between time where you’re just…

If you don’t have the best relationships with your family, you may consider doing this…

Christmas dinner is essentially you waging war on food.

You have absolutely no concept of what day or time it is.

But before you know it, it’s time to go back to work and you’re all like…

But you made it through Christmas, unscathed, like a BAWSE

And you’re ready for the year ahead.

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