Christmas, Patience & Gratitude


I love me some Christmas, but let’s be honest, it can be a stressful time of year. Many feel obligated to delve into the endless gift-o-rama, there’s plenty of time to be spent with family, which if you don’t get on with your nearest and dearest, can basically drive you to distraction. There are a myriad of things that can take the joy out of the season and make you act in a way that goes completely against the spirit of it all. So let’s just all take a breath and spare a thought for those around us before we totally lose our Christmas shiz, OK? ‘Tis the season of patience and gratitude.


Case in point: last week, I had to exchange a dog coat I’d bought for my pup Stringer Bell at a large department store on Oxford Street. It was around 5pm and busy. I asked one of the assistants where I could find the dog coats and long story short, I was sent to three different departments, asked numerous people and the whole process seemed to take an age. Patience is most definitely not a virtue that was bestowed upon me. It was hot and crowded and I just wanted to find this damn coat and get the hell outta dodge. I could feel myself on the verge of getting snappy with someone. Then I took a moment and put it into perspective. First of all, it’s a dog coat. In the grand scheme of important things in life, this doesn’t even really rank. Secondly, you know who’s having a worse day than me? All those shop assistants who’ve been there all day fielding snappy comments from idiots like me. I’ve worked in retail, I know how it can get at this time of year and it’s all you can do to not stab yourself in the neck with a pencil.

Instead, I took my time, found the dog coat myself (they were inexplicably located with the men’s accessories) and waited in line sans huffing, puffing and eye rolling. When it was my turn, I made sure I asked how the assistant’s day was going, I made small talk with him while we sorted the transaction and wished him a nice night. Shop assistant’s have families too, Christmas is equally stressful for them and yet, they spend their days tending to our needs. Let’s show a little gratitude and patience eh?


A couple of weeks ago, a blogger did a post totally losing her shiz about being given a Secret Santa gift that was not to her liking. I won’t link to it but trust me, it was a jaw droppingly, mind blowingly, out of this world level of entitlement. I know it’s Christmas n’ all, but you know what people don’t need to do? Get you any gifts. Seriously, contrary to popular belief, none of us signed contracts in this thing – gifts are not actually a requirement. It’s a really nice thing that people do, but it’s not a necessity of the month of December. I’ve always believed the most valuable thing anyone can give you is time. So if someone has taken some of theirs and spent it shopping for a gift for your ungrateful ass, perhaps just say thank you, rather than take to your blog to drone on about how much you hate it. Talk about a goddamn first world problem. MY GAD!

So anyhoo, how about we all just chill out, think about other people, check our entitlement and oh, I don’t know, maybe just enjoy the spirit of Christmas without being total A-holes to each other? Crazy idea, I know, but we could just make it work.

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