February 5, 2014 | fashion

Bangs & a Bun x New York Times


New York Times

Last week I was contacted by the New York Times to write a short piece for their website. Let’s file that first sentence there under ‘Things I Never Thought I’d Say’. Anyhoo, they were doing a piece about how casual American fashion is and wanted me to chip in with my thoughts. See, about four years ago, I wrote a piece on this blog called Why Europeans Dress Better Than Americans. It is, to this day, probably one of the most visited pages on this site. There are a whole lotta people who Google ‘Why do Americans Dress Badly?’

I cringe when I read that piece now. It was mouthy and rude. I actually wrote a follow up piece to it as my view on the issue evolved. When the New York Times got in touch with me (sorry – I totally giggle every time I type that), they’d come across my original piece and were hoping I still had the same stance so I could contribute a piece for them. The fundamentals of my argument on it remain the same, but I’m now not quite as harsh on the Americans, as the whole world seems to have joined the uber casual camp when it comes to fashion. Difficult for me to get that all across in 300 words, but what an honour to write for the NYT.

Check out my New York Times piece here.

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