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How to Get Organised

How to get organised

A couple of people has asked me recently how I stay organised as I have a lot of things going on and it seems like I have it all together. Let me start by saying this: PAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love that you think that, I really do. Oscar season, y’all! Best actress thisaway! I kid – but seriously, everyone has their moments where they feel they’re floundering and can’t get it together. There are some simple things I do to ensure I’m not a bumbling mess just dribbling my way through my days in my pajamas. Check ’em out:


Alright, you’re probably thinking I’ve gone off piste here right from the get go with this and you already know I am evangelical when it comes to fitness, so I won’t go in too heavy, other than to say DO SOME! What does exercise have to do with being organised? Oh, everything amigos. Anything you read about the world’s most successful people, the one thing they all have in common is they dedicate a portion of their day to exercise. Beyond the physical effects, exercise helps you think clearly and stay sharp, so if you can start your day off this way, you’re on to a good thing.


As a freelancer, I’m often juggling a lot of balls at any one time. The only way I can get through my day is with effective time management. So at the start of each day, I plan my working day out and decide how much time I’ll be spending on each task. I’m also realistic. I know I can’t work for five hours straight with no break. I try to get things done in 45 minute chunks, then allow myself 15 mins or so to goof off, get some fresh air, Pin something on Pinterest, whatever it may be. But stick to that plan.

Document it

I’m an old school pen and paper kinda gal, but there are tons of ‘to do list’ style apps or time sheet documents that can help keep you on track. Don’t add extra pressure to yourself by having a crap ton of stuff to do and thinking ‘I’ll just remember it’. You won’t. I don’t care how good your memory is. You can have the best intentions in the world but sometimes life just gets in the way. Write it all down – what you will be doing, when and for how long – and stick to it.

Kill the Procrastination

We all struggle with it, but look, avoidance is just adding to your stress. Once you have your plan for the day in place, just get cracking. Even if what you think you’re doing is utter crap, just get going on it – you’ll settle into your flow. You will not settle into your flow by checking Twitter for the gazillionth time this morning or watering your plants or playing Angry Birds. I read this really good article recently about procrastination and the ‘2-Minute Rule’ – well worth a look.

Remember, you are human. If you’re bitten off more than you can chew, ask for help – there’s no shame in that. But really, being organised just comes down to finding your method. Sometimes it takes a little while to get into your groove, but once you do, you’ll be able to remain calm on even the most fluster-inducing days.

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Mascara & Mud

how to get organised…i’m struggling with motivation right now…but maybe using these organised prompts might help with the motivation?!…


I’d like to think of myself as organised – although I do have bad days!
Exercise does help, especially in mornings. When I’ve had a good session it’s energizing for the rest of the day – last thing you want to do is then slob out!
Def agree with pen n paper to do list … Also very satisfying to cross things off!

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