February 23, 2014 | life

Lazy Sunday Reads

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It’s that time again. Sunday. Laziness. Reading. As has become my habit every Sunday, I’ve compiled a list of good stuff I’ve read on ze web for you to enjoy on your day of rest. You’re welcome. Now let’s get to it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present, your lazy Sunday reads.

Stuck in a New York Fashion Week Elevator With Andre Leon Talley – this actually made me laugh out loud for real when I was reading it on the train this week. I feel like pretty much anything Andre Leon Talley says in life is quotable. I was trying to imagine being in this scenario with him and yeah, I’m not sure I would’ve held it together.

Debunking the Myth of Kitty Genovese – I had not heard about this apparently legendary New York murder before reading this article, but this is fascinating. Talk about the repercussions of reporting on a story incorrectly – just, wow. Well worth a read.

This Old Man – what’s life like when you’re 93? Roger Angell describes it in this beautiful and poetic New Yorker piece.

10 Things Not to Say At Work – as women we can tend to shy away from making ourselves heard and noticed at work. I was shocked to note that I use some of these phrases regularly and hadn’t really contemplated the connotations of what they mean. This has definitely given me food for thought about the way I phrase things.

The 10 Stages of the Creative Process – yup, pretty accurate. Anyone who’s creative can relate to this.

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