February 10, 2014 | life

A Pep Talk

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Were you thinking of half-assing it through your day today? Well, guess again. That’s not gonna be you. Not today. Take your finger off that cruise button and wake the hell up. At some point, you have to engage with your life and today is that day, so get ready. Consider this your pep talk, your Monday kick up the ass.

It’s not OK for you to just drift through. And actually, how dare you?! How dare you not give life your 100% every day? Everything you do, deserves your best. Anything less is a waste. Don’t just show up, go through the motions and collect a pay cheque. TURN UP and work the hell out of it. I don’t care if you’re cleaning toilets or working on Wall Street, you go out there and be the best damn cleaner or broker you can be today.

Be the example. There are plenty of mediocre people in the world, you don’t have to be one of them.

Demand more of yourself.

You have a decision to make: are you gonna sit back and complain about your life or are you gonna do something about it? Are you gonna just let life happen to you or are you actually gonna LIVE it?

Today is the day you make that choice.

Don’t reward yourself for mediocrity. You give your very best or it doesn’t count. If you feel you missed the mark, you come home and plan how you can do better tomorrow.

Here’s the thing: there’s only a finite number of days for each of us, and God forbid if today is your last, do you wanna know you were half-assing your way through it? Just going through the motions?

How can you affect change in your life or anyone else’s if you are routinely not giving it your all?

You deserve better than half-baked dreams and coulda, woulda, shouldas. Your family deserve better, those around you deserve better.

Take a frikkin’ stand. Show up for your life. Push harder. Demand more of yourself. Dream bigger. Be braver. Screw your comfort zone to hell, it’s doing you no favours. If you want it, go get it. It’s not gonna be served to you on a silver platter. Mad someone else got your ‘opportunity’? Smash that door down and create your own.  You and only you are responsible for how your life goes. Carve your path and work the hell out of it. Take pride in what you do. Encourage others. Smile more. Make people wonder what makes you so driven (just LIFE, muthafu*kas!). Know that at any moment, you have the chance to turn a ‘bad day’ around. Stay hungry for your dream. Respect it. Put the work in, strive, thrive and do it all again the next day.

Today is the day you can turn it all around. The choice is yours.

Now go get it.

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