May 1, 2014 | life

Big Things Poppin’!


Big news, friends! BIG NEWS! I’ve got some big things poppin’! Man, where do I start? OK, let me take it back to when I started this blog, seven years ago. I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, managing a small accessories boutique. My attempts at gaining employment as a magazine writer, or really just any kind of writer, were going nowhere. I started this blog thinking, knowing, it’d change my life somehow. It’d get me out of the situation I was in and pave the way for greater things. I had no idea how that would happen, but I wholeheartedly believed it would. And heck, it may have taken seven years, but it has finally bloody happened!

Throughout these past seven years, this blog has changed my life immeasurably. I can’t honestly imagine where I’d be or what I’d be doing had I not made the decision to jot down some thoughts on the interweb that day. The opportunities writing here has afforded me often blow my mind. But it has been incredibly hard work. To get a blog to the point where it stands out, is recognised and mentioned as one of the better ones out there in a sea of something like, 60 million blogs, is no easy feat.

The perception has always been that I’m a full time blogger and indeed that’s part of it, but if you think this blog just sitting here brings in any sort of income for me, you’re mistaken. The hustle behind the scenes is real. I do freelance writing, copywriting, consulting, social media workshops, public speaking, some reception work, heck, whatever could bring me in some pounds and pennies, I do it. It is a constant struggle. I was always open to the idea of going back into full time work but only if the situation was absolutely right. I didn’t want to be stuck in a job I hated. I’ve built something really valuable here online and I have no desire to just give it up. The right job where I can combine everything I do here, with an awesome company has to be out there, right? RIGHT!

I am so pleased to announce that as of next week, I will be joining the team at Heartcore as their Head of Marketing. Heartcore are a small but rapidly expanding chain of boutique Pilates, TRX and Barre studios in West London. When I met the owners, initially just to do some copywriting for them, I walked away from that meeting and thought ‘man, I really want to work for those people.’ Their passion and belief in what they do is something I can completely relate to. I met with them again and they mentioned they needed someone to head up their marketing. I laid out the case for why I’d be awesome for it. And they agreed! I tell you, I floated out of that meeting on a cloud.

In terms of the ideal circumstances it’d take to get me back to working full time for someone else, I found ’em. I get to work in a field I’m utterly passionate about, fitness (specifically Pilates. You know I’ve been studying to become a Pilates instructor for the past few months, right?), with awesome people, for a company who has a really strong ethos that I can completely get behind.

By no means will I be giving up my blogging life. I’ll still be posting here – granted, posting may slow down slightly over the next couple of months while I find my feet. None of what is manifesting now would’ve happened without blogging. Thank you all for being a part of my journey and I hope you’ll all hang tight with me during this next chapter. I’m so excited to share it with you!

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Congratulations Bangs! That is brilliant. Well done for sticking with it and being open to the opportunities. You are an inspiration (which sounds cheesy, but I mean it) xx

A Thrifty Mrs

Damn Bangs, well done!
Much deserved. This is sod all to do with luck, this is your determination and hard work paying off.
You’re the kind of role model we need in this world.
Never stop being you.


YO GO GURL!!!!! I know how hard it is to keep a blog popping heck I dashed mine to the waste side after 3 years, 7 years is no joke!!!!!!!!! You a star!!!!! Ohhh’killll’em!! xxx


Well done, but you’ve missed a marketing trick by not linking to Heartcore in your post.


That is great, well done, just as you titled your promocode BANGISAWESOME!!!!


Yes! Congratulations. You’re amazing and you’ve worked so hard. You totally deserve all the success in the world! x

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