November 1, 2014 | life

80 Mile Month – Let Me Be Your Virtual Training Buddy!


Today I’m super happy to launch a package, starting in December, aimed at keeping you motivated, happy and utterly badass. 

December has enough fun, food and good times about it to sideline any good intentions when it comes to fitness or life goals. We end up rolling into the New Year, rubbing our eyes, popping Advil and making half-baked resolutions that have died out come the third week of January.

What if you had a virtual training partner to give you a daily boost fitness-wise and motivate you to start 2015 like a BAWSE?

Look no further!

Every year I vow to run 80 miles in December and I make it public to ensure I’m accountable.

This year I thought I’d add to that. Everyone is free to do the #80MileMonth challenge, but if you feel you need a little extra support and guidance, I’m offering a package where you’ll get daily guidance from me with tips not just about running, but linking this all back in to your mental, emotional and life goals. You’ll learn about setting targets, pushing through when you want to give up, building a routine and schedule, the importance of relaxation, how to handle feeling overwhelmed, dealing with distractions and much, much more.

The aim? For you to kick down the door to 2015 as a fitter, healthier, more focused, driven and determined individual. You’ll have proved to yourself that you can achieve one goal and you’ll have set many more for the year ahead, both in running and in life.

So who is this for?

New and more experienced runners alike. If you’ve lost your mojo, want some support, need to be accountable to stick to your goals, need a kick up the ass, or just want a new challenge, you’ll benefit from the 80 Mile Month. This is not merely an exercise in the physical. If you feel lost, lethargic, lacking focus or drive, this is a program that will set you on a positive track for the year ahead. If you’re a newer runner and 80 miles is unrealistic for you, you can tweak the target to be in line with your current fitness level – the package will still benefit you.

For an early bird price of just £97, you’ll get daily support from me throughout December. Places are limited so nab yours fast!

Wait no more! Get yourself signed up and let’s get ready to kick start a whole new badass way of life on December 1st.


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