January 26, 2015 | life

Monday Pep Talk


Scared of Monday? Did you have that not in the pit of your stomach last night? Didn’t wanna get up? Want the world to drift away so you can enjoy those last lingering moments of your weekend?

Here’s the thing: either you think Monday’s a bitch or you make it YOUR bitch.

I vote for the latter.

What it is that has your panties in a bunch, suck it the hell up and get on with your day. You are in charge of your life. You’re the one who decides how this day pans out. Kick start it with a crappy attitude and guess what happens? Yeah.

Hate Monday? Cool. Then be the change you want to see. Smile at a stranger. Give your seat up for someone on the bus. Bring doughnuts to the meeting. Have a dance break in the middle of your day. Send a text message to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Go look in the mirror and tell yourself you look damn fine. Say yes to the skinny jeans. Flick your hair when you leave a room just cause you know you’re the shit.

Whatever’s on your ‘to do’ list today, OWN IT. Do it better than it’s ever been done. Do it to the tenth power. Do it for no other reason than you don’t channel your full greatness every day ad today’s the day you turn that around.

Don’t like your job? Then figure out a way to be better at it, change it or leave it, but don’t you dare eat up the air around you complaining about it.

Today’s the day. This is it. There is no other time but now. So here’s to Monday. Now go out there and drop kick this shit all up in the face.

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