March 5, 2015 | life

There’s No Such Thing As Ready


If you’re majorly into planning and plotting and getting all your ducks in a row, that title probably freaked you out a bit, huh? I mean, we’re kinda reared on the very notion of readiness. Wait a bit, don’t fire off to quickly, bide your time. Well I say bollocks to that! Who’s making these rules?! If you wanna do something, go ahead and do it. There’s plenty to be said for learning as you go and flying by the seat of your pants. So hold onto your hat, kiss your comfort zone goodbye and give ‘being ready’ the middle finger.

We all have things we want to do – be they pet projects or grand master plans – and we’ve convinced ourselves that every aspect of the process that we jotted down in an initial brainstorming meeting has to be in place before we can actually make it happen. We have to get this qualification or wait til this particular time of year or whatever the case may be. But you know what else you can do? Just get on with it. Seriously.

Absolutely, there are parts of any plan where outside factors determine the rate at which it can move forward, but there are more than likely plenty of parts you have control over that you can crack on with and make happen. Not everything has to be perfect, kinks can be ironed out as you go. More to the point, there’s so much learning that can be done when you take that safety net of ‘readiness’ away and just see what happens.

Because the truth is, you may never be ready. Things may never be perfect. And those are two things that are pretty hard to define anyway. How do you really determine either of those factors? The goal posts can keep shifting – and if we don’t feel ready, we tend to keep shifting them ourselves.

So go on, dive in. Go live with that website, sign up for that course, whatever it is you wanna do, go do it. Stop holding yourself back. Let yourself step into unknown, wade through the scary bit and fully embrace your greatness.

Being ready can go screw itself. I’m all about getting shit done.

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Lauri Rottmayer

I totally agree! I kept telling myself that when I got down to a certain weight I would start running again. But then we moved and I decided to leave the scale behind. (So unhealthy for me to have it.) When I got to the new town, there was a trail and I had shoes and I just started running. I’ve been running for three weeks now. It was so hard at first I couldn’t believe I used to run all the time. But it’s getting easier with each run and I’m glad I stopped waiting and just started. 🙂

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