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Alright, now that I have your attention, let’s get serious for a second. A long time blog reader of mine contacted me last week to tell me that a little over a month ago, at the age of 26, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just over a week ago, she underwent a single mastectomy and reconstruction. (I feel it’s worth mentioning that she appears to be handling all this with way more grace, clear-headedness and humour than I think I’d be able to muster at her age. Fist bump to you, Alice, for realz). Anyhoo, she was getting in touch because the only reason her cancer hadn’t spread and was able to be dealt with so quickly, was down to early detection. As a result, Alice is on a mission to get women to self-examine our breasts, or, in the age of catchy hashtags, #CheckYourChebs.

I’m ashamed to admit that prior to getting Alice’s email last week, I had probably only checked my boobs maybe three times in my life. This was 100% down to fear of actually finding something – which is completely nonsensical when you think about it. If I find something, it can be dealt with. If I just leave it, well, yeah, things wouldn’t go so great. My point is, ignorance ain’t bliss, amigos.

And so right then and there, as I read her email and clicked on the link to her blog post with more info, I had a good ol’ feel around my boobs. If Alice can do it and deal with the consequences like an absolute ROCKSTAR, I can do it too. I’m pleased to say, nothing felt out of the ordinary.

So I’m writing this post today to encourage you all to do the same. Check out Alice’s post. If you’re not sure how to #CheckYourChebs, go have a chat with your doctor about how to do it and what you should be looking for.

Pretty please encourage all the women in your life to do the same. Early detection is key. These are not things we should be embarrassed about. Take ownership of your body and your health. And while we’re on the subject, go get a smear test too!

Let’s face is, boobs are great! Go have a feel of yours now and spread the #CheckYourChebs word.

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Do it, if like Alice, it saves your life, just think how important that is, if like me you get REALLY lucky and that lump is nothing, then you know for sure. It’s scary to ask the question… ‘What if…’ But it’s scarier to wonder what if I didn’t do anything. Go #checkyourchebs already.


Thank you so much for sharing the #CheckYourChebs message Bangs. Amazing post and such kind words. Look out for me dressed as Uncle Fester at Halloween xx

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