You are More…

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You are more than your job title. You are more than that shitty moment you’re ashamed of in your past. You are more than your failed attempts and broken promises.

You are more than your relationship. You are more than your greatest victory and worst loss. You are more than your material possessions or a Pinterest wishlist. You are more than that missed workout or your chubby childhood memories. You are more than your friendships. You are more than your temper tantrums, nit picking and bad behaviour. You are more than your smugness and misguided jealousy.

Don’t let these feelings drown you. Don’t let them swim around in your head and take root. Don’t let them seize control of how you think and feel about yourself. Those feelings are not exclusive to you. There are people who’ve been through worse and yet manage to live full, awesome lives, full of passion and purpose. Don’t let your inner voice make you feel less than.

Life is but a series of moments. Don’t get hung up on any of them. Don’t let one moment define you or hold you back. We all possess limitless potential. Breathe, stretch, let it go and figure out how you can channel your greatness today, in this moment and go for it.

Then start again tomorrow.

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Lazy Sunday Reads

Boston Terrier

It’s Sunday. You can be a little lazy. You can catch up on some reading. Don’t know what to read? Fear not, here’s some good stuff I’ve read online this week – check it out.

The Problem isn’t that Life is Unfair – it’s Your Broken Idea of Fairness – I damn near gave this article a standing ovation when I finished it. I was nodding my head at every sentence. If you read only one thing today, make it this.

Officer Darren Wilson’s Story is Unbelievable. Literally - I’ve been reading and watching everything I can in the wake of the Grand Jury decision in America to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing unarmed black teenager Mike Brown. If you can handle your blood boiling, read this article to further cement the fact that the decision was bullshit.

Instagram and scripted reality – I’ve written a piece similar to this before about how we’re all essentially curating our lives online, just showing the best bits. This article raises some really excellent points.

The Agency Moment – Let me be honest with you – when the word ‘agency’ started being flung around on every Feminist website going earlier this year, I had no clue what it meant. It never seemed to make sense in any context I saw it. This article has framed it in a way that has hit home for me in a way nothing else has.

Dave Chappelle is Back – I frikkin’ love Dave Chappelle. He’s a brilliantly talented dude and I will always root for him. This is a great interview, well worth a read.

If you can’t read it all now, get the Pocket app on your phone – it’ll change your life.

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Gift Ideas: Personalised Marshmallows from Boomf

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Come Monday, it’s December, which means your full on panic about Christmas can commence in earnest. So, I’m here to help. You need gifts, I can give you gift ideas. Oh yes my friends. Let’s talk stocking stuffers. Classically, stuffers are fun, cute or useful little gifts. Allow me to present to you personalised marshmallows by Boomf. Fun? Yes. Cute? Yes. Useful? Not so much, but that’s not the point. Just send Boomf a bunch of your favourite pics (in my case, all of my adorable pup, Stringer Bell), they’ll turn them into marshmallows and ta-da! Delivery is super quick, so if you like to leave things to the last minute, these could get you out of a jam.

Check out Boomf and create some cute sugary treats.

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Addicted to Serial


So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve obviously heard of the podcast that’s sweeping the universe right now, Serial. If you haven’t, GOOD LAWD, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! Lemme give you the brief low down – Serial is one story, told over a number of weeks. In this case, it’s a true crime story. Back in 1999, a Baltimore high schooler named Hae Min Lee was murdered and her 17 year old ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convincted of killing her. He has been in prison for 15 years. Serial is digging into the case which, as we’re learning, has many, many holes in it. It seems every week you can flip from believing Adnan’s innocent, to thinking he must’ve been involved somehow, to questioning the entire legal system. Though Serial itself is excellently produced, what’s keeping me equally intrigued is how this particular brand of podcasting is changing our behaviour.

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The Unveiling: My New Tattoo!


I’ve been wanting to get a rib tattoo for a long while, but I’d heard so many things about the insane pain level that I kept chickening out. This year has been a year of big change for me, so I decided it was time for me to bite the bullet and get the ink I’ve always wanted.

Where the Wild Things Are is one of my favourite books. I remember my parents constantly reading it to me as a child and I’ve always had a copy of the book, no matter how old I am or where I’ve lived. Plus, I just love the illustrations in the book so much, I decided I would give one of them a permanent home on my ribs.

So last week, I went to The Circle tattoo shop in Soho for my appointment with tattoo artist Rebecca Vincent. I’d waited a few months for this appointment so I was super excited. Rebecca was fantastic – she kept me calm and just has a lovely way about her. The pain was definitely nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean, it’s not exactly comfortable, but I think I’d prepared myself for much worse. Rebecca works pretty quickly and the whole thing was finished in about an hour and twenty minutes.

Even though yes, it hurt, I actually really enjoyed the experience and I could not possibly love this tattoo any more than I do. I’m glad I faced the fear and did it.

So with that said, ‘Let the wild rumpus start!’

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How Much Do You Make?


The days of a job for life are over. Not only has the workplace changed, but people have. Staying in one role or one company for the duration of your working life just isn’t as appealing as it once was for a generation with ever-shrinking attention spans and ever-changing goals. As more people look to take charge of their own careers and create the life they want, the question ‘what do you do?’ seems to be harder to answer, as we’re not just doing any one thing. Along with confusion over titles is a confusion over how people are making their money with their made up careers. With traditional jobs, it’s considered taboo to discuss your salary, but now, for freelancers and people with portfolio careers, it seems to be open season on enquiring about earnings. Why is this deemed OK?

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Trying Out Reflexology


As someone who’s always on the move, with a seemingly constantly busy mind and body, I definitely don’t make enough time to fully wind down. Reflexology is something I’ve been interested in trying out for a while now. I’ve never really understood what it is or the benefits, but have always heard good things about it. So, I was pretty chuffed when I was invited to try out a session and learn some more.

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Go Analogue

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My laptop is practically surgically implanted to my fingertips at this point. If I’m not at my computer, my phone is in a vice-like grip in my hands. I blog, text, Tweet, Instagram and Facebook my way through the day. Learning to disconnect from that is a definite process, especially when what you do for a living revolves around those things. But I still love to physically write things down. I’m a total stationery fiend – I go gaga over nice notebooks and fancy pens. I recently had a reminder of how important the ol’ pen and paper communication is and have vowed to make more of an effort to go analogue more often and make sure not every ounce of my communication is digital.

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Lazy Sunday Reads


It’s Sunday – time to kick back, relax and do a whole bunch o’ nothin’. Maybe you’d like to catch up on some reading. Well, lucky for you I’ve put together a lil list of the best things I’ve read online recently. It’s this week’s Lazy Sunday Reads. Enjoy, amigos.

The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Today – This article really made me think. Rather than thinking about what you want out of life, question how you’re willing to suffer to get it. Very interesting way of looking at things and when you really start to ask yourself those questions, your answers may shock you.

How to Push Past That Terrifying Dip in Motivation – if you need a lil pep talk today, read this.

Why So Many Women Are Crying at the Gym - I can (and regularly do) wax lyrical about the emotional side of exercise and so found this a really interesting read. For me, the mind-body connection is so important and something I’m learning more about every day. I wish exercise was pitch more in relation to our emotional wellbeing, I really do.

The Sneaker Reseller Market – About four years ago, I didn’t even know reselling sneakers was even a thing, never mind that it’s actually big business. I now know a fair few people in that world and I still find it fascinating. This article is the most in depth piece I’ve read about the reseller market. Very interesting stuff.

How to Make the Most of Your Mentor and Get Ahead in Your Career – I have a mentor and I mentor others. I’m very pro-mentor. People often ask me how to go about finding one, so this makes for a good read to get you started.

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Gift Ideas – Daily Greatness Journal

Daily Greatness Journal

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Whatever, I’m doing it. You know you need some gift ideas. I’m just tryna help y’all!

Sooo, one of my goals at the start of this year was to be more mindful. I want to live with intention and be more focused and purposeful in what I’m doing and setting out to achieve. I feel I’ve made some great steps in the right direction with this, but it’s an ongoing process.

When I remember, I’ll jot down notes of what I’m grateful for, what I’d like to achieve, make lists of goals and all that good stuff, but between the nine different notebooks I seem to have on the go at any one time, none of those notes are in the same place and as a result, I end up losing consistency with them.

So, when the good folks at Daily Greatness got in touch with me and offered me one of their Daily Greatness Journals I was all ‘HOLD UP! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE!’

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