How to Allow Friends Room to Grow


Watching those around you grow, learn, explore and win at life can be awesome or hard, depending on your mental state at the time. I guess everyone has their own rules or boundaries when it comes to inviting people into their life. One that has become increasingly important to me as the years go on is allowing your friends the room to grow – being accepting and supportive of whatever their chosen path. This is often easier said than done, so how can you achieve it?

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The Power of Pacing

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At the weekend, I paced a couple of the girls I mentor through the Hackney Half Marathon. It became about so much more than pacing. What’s funny about being a mentor is that you often learn more from those you mentor than you could ever teach them. Once again, running turns into a metaphor for life! Check out my post about what I learned in the race over on my Spikes & Heels site.

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Fail Better

Fail Better

I played host at an excellent speed mentoring event for young people last week. As myself and other mentors worked our way around tables of inquisitive students, imparting all the wisdom we could in five minutes, one thread seemed to work its way into each conversation I was having – that it’s OK to fail. At every stage of life, failure is something we fear. We have it in our heads that there’s no coming back from it, it’s the end of everything. As someone who has failed a whole heap of times I say, that is not so, amigos! In every failure, awaits a great opportunity – you just have to know how to cease it.

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Friday Motivation


You know what I realised recently? That really, a pretty basic human need is for our efforts to be recognised, for someone to take note of how hard we’re trying, to feel appreciated. That serves as great motivation to keep going.

So today, you should know, you are doing great. And though you may have had a tough week, where you felt like giving in, you didn’t, you haven’t. You’re still here. It may feel like no one is noticing the energy you’re putting out, but trust me, someone, somewhere is. And even if they aren’t, rest assured that just by simply being you and putting your best out into the universe, sooner or later the universe will thank you in some way.

So keep on truckin’. Keep your good vibes. Don’t let the daily grind wear you down. Just little by little, keep fighting your corner.

You are loved, you are appreciated.

You’re doing great and it’s gonna be OK.

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On Fair Pay For Bloggers

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I really don’t like to be negative on this blog. I like the vibe to be all about positive, uplifting, sometimes tough but ultimately rewarding experiences that we can really learn from. But every now and then, something really tests my rainbows and unicorns outlook on life. That thing happened last week when I was approached by an agency who wanted me to do 11 days work for them for £100. As someone who has been blogging for seven years and is approached daily by agencies with opportunities both good and bad, I thought this would be a good moment or me to weigh in. While I don’t want to rain a crap storm of criticism over this incident (I say that right before I’m about to rain a crap storm of criticism over it), I just want to highlight how this can be a teachable moment in relation to fair pay for bloggers.

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Lazy Sunday Reads

Boston Terrier

Don’t have much on today? Well may I suggest taking a lil time out, getting comfy on the sofa and catching up on some reading? I’ve even picked out some top Interweb reads for you. You’re welcome!

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On the Culture of Misogyny


In the week that’s passed since Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree, I’ve been trying to find the words to adequately describe how I feel about it. I wasn’t shocked it happened. It has before and it will again. I spent the week reading and absorbing pretty much any and every article I could find on the incident and the general culture of misogyny. I am exhausted. I’m not just weary of reading it all and the emotional energy it has drained from me, I am beyond tired of living it – simply of being a woman and having to navigate this endless mire of bullshit we have to put up with. We can talk about it all we want – but what are we actually going to do about it? How, when and where does the culture of change actually even begin?

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Best Outdoor Fitness Spots in London

Nike Trainers

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good workout (HASHTAG UNDERSTATMENT) and am always looking not only for fun and interesting ways to work out, but also great places to do so. As the summer approaches, I definitely tend to do a lot more of my workouts outdoors.

I was approached recently by American Express who are putting together a map of London’s top inspirational spaces. So often we walk around our own city in a daze – get stuck in the daily grind of our regular journeys (go to work, go home), we forget that there’s so much exciting stuff going on. So when we have a little holiday time to spare, sometimes it’s really worth sidelining a foreign getaway and just exploring some hidden gems in your own city. American Express asked for my most inspirational fitness spots in London to add to their map.

Check out my current best places to work out in lovely ol’ London town.

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You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be


Life can often seem as though it’s moving too fast, or not fast enough. You probably have a list of things you want to do and have set yourself a timescale in which to achieve them. If at any point, you get off track or things don’t seem to be going according to plan, frustration sets in, or panic. You’ll ask yourself why it can’t be some other way. Why can’t it be easier? Why can’t this one thing work out, just this one time? I’ve been there more times than I care to mention. Then I read the following words somewhere: you are exactly where you need to be - and it changed the way I was living my life.

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Big Things Poppin’!


Big news, friends! BIG NEWS! I’ve got some big things poppin’! Man, where do I start? OK, let me take it back to when I started this blog, seven years ago. I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, managing a small accessories boutique. My attempts at gaining employment as a magazine writer, or really just any kind of writer, were going nowhere. I started this blog thinking, knowing, it’d change my life somehow. It’d get me out of the situation I was in and pave the way for greater things. I had no idea how that would happen, but I wholeheartedly believed it would. And heck, it may have taken seven years, but it has finally bloody happened!

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