How to Be Successful

The third episode of my podcast, The No Bullshit Guide to Life, is now live. This week I’m talking about being successful. Ahh success; how to get it, what it means and most importantly, how to define it on your own terms. You can listen by clicking on the pic above, subscribing on iTunes, or downloading the acast app.

Pretty please do subscribe and spread the word. I can’t wait to make this podcast bigger and better. Thanks for listening!

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How to Form New Habits

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This time of year, a lot of us are thinking of making or breaking new habits. I need to make and break a few myself and am really making a concerted effort to get my frikkin’ act together, ’cause I’m sick of myself y’all. SICK OF MYSELF! Gah! Let me get specific: insomnia is slowly testing my last good nerve. It’s not a new problem for me. It’s like that really annoying old friend who keeps trying to add you on Facebook and no matter how much you ignore it, their persistence is award-worthy. Anyway, it’s high time I drop kicked insomnia all up in the face and I think I’ve found a way that may help.

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The Power of Sisterhood

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I’m not one of those chicks who has been best friends with the girl down the street since the age of 3. I don’t have the arsenal of stories of how close we were and how we finished each other’s sentences and practically lived at each other’s houses. I’ve moved countries a few times, I’ve struggling to make connections, to keep them. I’m an introvert, I like my own company, I tend to push people away. Despite that, I have miraculously managed to keep hold of a few true homies. Call me a late bloomer if you want, but it’s really only been in the past year that I’ve realised just¬† how important having friends is. When you’re not a teenager anymore, trying to establish those connections and make them count is a whole new journey, but discovering a sisterhood is pretty awesome.

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The No Bullshit Guide to Life – New Episode!

Massive thank you to all of you who listened to the first episode of my podcast, The No Bullshit Guide to Life, just before Christmas. The response has been great, so I was super excited to get back in the studio today and record another one.

This time around I’m discussing the #InstaPurge and how we all seem to be concerned with the quantity of our online followers, rather than the quality.

Have a listen by clicking on the pic above. You can also get it on iTunes (search The No BS Guide to Life – iTunes don’t appreciate my potty mouth) or download the acast app and listen to it there. However you listen, pretty please make sure you subscribe and spread the word so I can make this thing bigger and better.

Use the hashtag #NoBSPodcast on Twitter to let me know your thoughts.

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A Letter to My Future Self


Hey girl,

First of all, let me tell you, you look faaaabbbbuloouuusss. My GAD, the years have been good to you.

So, I’m writing to you from your past. Remember 2014? Yeah, that was a year of pretty massive change for you, huh? Sure, on the surface, you dealt with the various road bumps that year like some superior level ninja, but beneath it, we both know, you spent a fair bit of time clinging to the walls wondering how to keep it all from caving in at any given moment.

But somehow, you held it together.

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Themes for 2015

New Year

I love the energy a New Year brings. There’s this awesome buzz in the air. Everyone’s hopeful and positive and full of resolve. Sure, when we get to work on the business end of actually going about our daily lives, the sheen gradually wears off that a little as the months progress, but I love the vibe of early January. Naturally, there are the naysayers who hate the resolutioners. Absolutely, every day presents an opportunity for change and new goals, but there’s nothing wrong with using a new year as a marker too. There are all sorts of ways to use this time of year to implement changes in your life. Personally, I like to pick themes.

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Are you a Control Freak?


Well I’ll be damned if Christmas ain’t a time for giving, sharing, caring, family and all that jazz, but also, becoming reflective as a mofo, trying to navigate a time of year that can be a potential emotional minefield. I’ve been taking a good look at the emotional behaviour I’d like to leave in 2014 and stuff I’d like to work on in the year ahead. I had a bit of a breakthrough with that this past week while mulling over a situation that’s had my feathers a little ruffled of late. It was fairly easy to slap some sense into myself when I realised I have no control over this particular situation. Being upset about it is completely futile.¬† You can drive yourself crazy stressing out about that stuff, so how can you stop it?

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The No Bullshit Guide to Life Podcast

OMG y’all! This is exciting! I was approached recently by a super cool podcast company called acast about creating my own podcast and well, you guessed it, this right here is the pilot episode. EEKKK! I’m so excited to share this with you. I had great fun recording it and am really looking forward to this being a major focus for me in 2015.

The No Bullshit Guide to Life is my very own straight-talking, no-nonsense chat fest giving you awesome advice and insight into how to navigate this ever-complicated thing called life.

Click the image above to have a listen, or download the acast app and listen on that (I will have it up on iTunes very soon too).

Let me know what you think of it and any topics you’d like to hear me chat about. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #NoBSPodcast

Can’t wait to hear what you think. As ever, thank you so much for your support and encouragement in all my endeavors.

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Plot, Plan, Review


If you manage to make it to December without reviewing how your year has gone and plotting your year ahead, you’re a better person than I (and also probably have a level of chill I could probably learn from). But just idling by and not addressing any of the great highs or soul-sucking lows you experienced throughout the year doesn’t really help you. It’s time to focus, plan, get clear on what you want, learn from what went wrong and kick down the door to the New Year with a sense of purpose.

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You are More…

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You are more than your job title. You are more than that shitty moment you’re ashamed of in your past. You are more than your failed attempts and broken promises.

You are more than your relationship. You are more than your greatest victory and worst loss. You are more than your material possessions or a Pinterest wishlist. You are more than that missed workout or your chubby childhood memories. You are more than your friendships. You are more than your temper tantrums, nit picking and bad behaviour. You are more than your smugness and misguided jealousy.

Don’t let these feelings drown you. Don’t let them swim around in your head and take root. Don’t let them seize control of how you think and feel about yourself. Those feelings are not exclusive to you. There are people who’ve been through worse and yet manage to live full, awesome lives, full of passion and purpose. Don’t let your inner voice make you feel less than.

Life is but a series of moments. Don’t get hung up on any of them. Don’t let one moment define you or hold you back. We all possess limitless potential. Breathe, stretch, let it go and figure out how you can channel your greatness today, in this moment and go for it.

Then start again tomorrow.

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