Stop Hiding

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So here’s the thing: you know that thing you’re scared of? That thing you need to deal with but just keep avoiding? Yeah, THAT. It’s eating away at you, ain’t it? Every day you wake up and don’t deal with it, it just hangs there in the air, making a mockery of your life, because once again, you didn’t have the guts. Aren’t you tired of that? Let me tell you this, friends; STOP HIDING. Stop hiding from the thing, grip it with both hands and scream in its face (OK, maybe not literally, that’d be weird), but free yourself from this nonsense and just bite the bullet already.

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Be Who You Are

Self Acceptance

A little while ago, I wrote a post about being an introvert. Lots of people contacted me saying they could relate, some people who know me personally reached out with a ‘a-ha! That’s why you are the way you are!’ and some people who’ve never met me dismissed me being an introvert altogether – thanks random Internet strangers! According to these people you can’t be an introvert if you’re confident and outgoing, if you put yourself out there online or do some public speaking. That’s completely wrong actually – let us not confuse shyness with introversion. They are two completely different things. Also, I happen to know myself very well and have done a ton of reading on the subject and though you may never guess from what I put out there in the world, trust me, I’m a pretty massive introvert. And you know what? I’m fine with it. Though we don’t need to label ourselves, to be proudly, unapologetically who you are in a world that is constantly trying to mold us into something else, is quite an achievement. And that’s my message today – to do just that.

Just be you. No frontin’, no bells and whistles, no apologies – just be who you are.

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The ‘Crazy’ Debate

The Crazy Debate

On Friday night, I mentioned on Twitter how crazy excited I am about getting my rib tattoo in eight weeks time. A few minutes later someone tweeted me to tell me they hate it when I use ableist language. My initial reaction was ‘huh? What did I say?’ Said Tweeter then went on to explain that my use of the word ‘crazy’ is actually very offensive to people with mental health issues, hence, ableist. My reaction, in my mind, was along the lines of ‘what?! THAT’S crazy!’ Then I had to slap myself for saying that. I didn’t understand, but it was worthy of discussion. I took a step back and used this as an opportunity to learn. So, is it now actually offensive to use the word ‘crazy’?

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What if…

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What if you made today a day of firsts? What if you tackled a fear head on, stopped making excuses, stopped looking for the easy way out? What if you stopped caring what other people would think? What if you smiled at some strangers, did a random act of kindness, gave someone a few moments of your time?

What if you chose to love yourself today? What if you stood in front of the mirror, naked, and told your body you loved it? What if you stopped pouring over gossip mag criticisms of celebrity bodies to make you feel better about your own? What if you complimented someone else? What if you honoured your body by being active rather than telling yourself you ‘can’t’ workout?

What if today you had the balls to stand up for someone you saw wasn’t being treated right? What if you stood up for yourself? What if you stopped yourself before tweeting that passive aggressive, pointless comment aimed purely at making someone feel bad?

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The Benefits of Being an Early Bird


I can’t remember a time I wasn’t an early bird. Those teenage years, where stereotypically you should be getting out of bed at two in the afternoon? Yeah, not me. If I slept past 8am, that was a lie in. But why fight my body clock? I embraced it and as time goes on, I’m more and more appreciative of my early bird ways. I make the absolute most out of each 24 hours and most importantly, I never get off to a rushed start, so I set the tone and intention of my day right from the get go. People often ask me ‘how I do it’ when they see I went for a run at 5:30am or I’ve gotten so much work done by 8am. I promise you, it’s not hard and your body clock is probably trying to tell you to do the same. So, why get up early? What are some of the benefits of early bird life?

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Telephone Fear


I hate speaking on the phone. My phone rings and I tend to just stare at it, weighing up the potential of the possible conversation; how urgent is it? How long will it last? If I don’t know the number, this internal dialogue seems never ending. It wasn’t always like this. As a teen, my parents had to wrench the cordless phone from my limp, sleepy hands on more than one occasion when I’d literally talked myself into a slumber. Clearly, now that I’m grown, this phone fear isn’t he most practical when you’re self employed and trying to present yourself as a professional. I know I’m not the only one. So how did it get this way and what can we do about it?

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Ask For What You Want

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Back in May, after years of freelancing and building my blogs, I took a full time job as a Head of Marketing. I was brimming with excitement. So excited was I that I was at my desk by 7:30am every day. I didn’t have any traditional marketing experience, so this company really took a chance on me and I wanted to show them their risk would pay off. New experiences have a tendency to throw life lessons at you at lightening speed, and this was definitely no exception.

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Sometimes You Need to Cry

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A few weeks ago, I had a cry that felt like it was years in the making. I felt the waves rising in me at various points through the day. I’d lean a little closer to my computer screen, refocus on work and push it down. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling it and I didn’t want to give it the head space. As I walked down my street that night, a lump formed in my throat, my vision got misty as tears welled in my eyes. I put my key in the door, closed it behind me and as soon I did, the tears fell.

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Lazy Sunday Reads

Boston Terrier

Sunday! *high five* YEAH! A day of rest, a day of nothingness, a day to catch up on some reading. So, being the kind soul I am, I have compiled a little list of good stuff I’ve read around the web recently. Enjoy!

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End Female Genital Mutilation

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I’m sure I’m not the only one whose heart gets heavier by the day at the moment. World events are just depressing the bejesus outta me. Whether it’s the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Nigerian girls taken by Boko Haram or any number of other generally crappy things that seem to be happening in the world at the moment. It’s hard to not wish we could just hit a giant ‘RESET’ button on the universe and have all this just work itself out, have everyone join hands, sing Kumbaya and live happily ever after. While I’m aware that a great deal of my sadness about it comes from a feeling of utter helplessness, I also know that I’m feeling this as an observer – so imagine what it must be like to actually be living it.

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