Lazy Sunday Reads

Boston Terrier

Sunday! *high five* YEAH! A day of rest, a day of nothingness, a day to catch up on some reading. So, being the kind soul I am, I have compiled a little list of good stuff I’ve read around the web recently. Enjoy!

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End Female Genital Mutilation

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I’m sure I’m not the only one whose heart gets heavier by the day at the moment. World events are just depressing the bejesus outta me. Whether it’s the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Nigerian girls taken by Boko Haram or any number of other generally crappy things that seem to be happening in the world at the moment. It’s hard to not wish we could just hit a giant ‘RESET’ button on the universe and have all this just work itself out, have everyone join hands, sing Kumbaya and live happily ever after. While I’m aware that a great deal of my sadness about it comes from a feeling of utter helplessness, I also know that I’m feeling this as an observer – so imagine what it must be like to actually be living it.

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Nick Knight : #mysecretcity

Trellick Tower

So remember last week, I told you I was part of a project with American Express to find some hidden gems in London ’cause most of us walk around our cities on ‘urban autopilot’? And then American Express took all these places recommended by some pretty hip bloggers (myself included) and made an awesome map so you can check these places out for yourself? Yeah, well here comes the third and final piece of the puzzle. To bring all this to life, American Express brought on badass photographer extraordinaire, Nick Knight, to snap shots off all the recommended places. Over the course of the day, he captured images of hidden inspiration he sees in the places he passes every day. These were then shared in real time on Twitter via @AmexUK and the #mysecretcity hashtag.

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Half Way Check Point

Half Way Check Point

Hi five y’all! We made it to mid-July. This year’s been rolling along all cool. This summer of actual sunshine and heat in the UK has thrown us all for a bit of a loop, but we’re coping. And everyone got all swept up in Wimbledon and World Cup fever. But my question to you is this: how is your life going? Remember back at the beginning of the year, you may have made some resolutions about what you wanted to achieve in your life this year or changes you wanted to make (or if you’re like me, you set yourself some themes). So where are you at with that? Let’s take a look!

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Are You on Urban Autopilot?

Hyde Park London

One great thing about having a dog and recently moving to be closer to work, is that I walk more. I walk a lot. I’m now on my feet an average of 6-8 miles a day (according to my fancy fitness tracker, the Misfit Shine). I am seeing more of the beauty that is London and it’s been quite the eye opener. It’s really made me realise how much I wasn’t paying attention to before. It turns out, I’m not alone. According to research recently done by American Express, tons of us are operating on ‘urban autopilot’

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How to Allow Friends Room to Grow


Watching those around you grow, learn, explore and win at life can be awesome or hard, depending on your mental state at the time. I guess everyone has their own rules or boundaries when it comes to inviting people into their life. One that has become increasingly important to me as the years go on is allowing your friends the room to grow – being accepting and supportive of whatever their chosen path. This is often easier said than done, so how can you achieve it?

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The Power of Pacing

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At the weekend, I paced a couple of the girls I mentor through the Hackney Half Marathon. It became about so much more than pacing. What’s funny about being a mentor is that you often learn more from those you mentor than you could ever teach them. Once again, running turns into a metaphor for life! Check out my post about what I learned in the race over on my Spikes & Heels site.

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Fail Better

Fail Better

I played host at an excellent speed mentoring event for young people last week. As myself and other mentors worked our way around tables of inquisitive students, imparting all the wisdom we could in five minutes, one thread seemed to work its way into each conversation I was having – that it’s OK to fail. At every stage of life, failure is something we fear. We have it in our heads that there’s no coming back from it, it’s the end of everything. As someone who has failed a whole heap of times I say, that is not so, amigos! In every failure, awaits a great opportunity – you just have to know how to cease it.

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Friday Motivation


You know what I realised recently? That really, a pretty basic human need is for our efforts to be recognised, for someone to take note of how hard we’re trying, to feel appreciated. That serves as great motivation to keep going.

So today, you should know, you are doing great. And though you may have had a tough week, where you felt like giving in, you didn’t, you haven’t. You’re still here. It may feel like no one is noticing the energy you’re putting out, but trust me, someone, somewhere is. And even if they aren’t, rest assured that just by simply being you and putting your best out into the universe, sooner or later the universe will thank you in some way.

So keep on truckin’. Keep your good vibes. Don’t let the daily grind wear you down. Just little by little, keep fighting your corner.

You are loved, you are appreciated.

You’re doing great and it’s gonna be OK.

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On Fair Pay For Bloggers

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I really don’t like to be negative on this blog. I like the vibe to be all about positive, uplifting, sometimes tough but ultimately rewarding experiences that we can really learn from. But every now and then, something really tests my rainbows and unicorns outlook on life. That thing happened last week when I was approached by an agency who wanted me to do 11 days work for them for £100. As someone who has been blogging for seven years and is approached daily by agencies with opportunities both good and bad, I thought this would be a good moment or me to weigh in. While I don’t want to rain a crap storm of criticism over this incident (I say that right before I’m about to rain a crap storm of criticism over it), I just want to highlight how this can be a teachable moment in relation to fair pay for bloggers.

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