Give Yourself a F*ckin’ Break

Lemara and I are back again with a fresh episode of our podcast for your listening pleasure. This week we natter about putting too much pressure on yourself, especially when it comes to trying to hit life goals within a certain time frame and how you should stop beating yourself up and give yourself a frikkin’ break every now and then.

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Squad Goals

Back with another episode of The No Bullshit Guide to Life. Listen above, then of course, subscribe, rate and review on iTunes pretty please!

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Fix Up Your Finances

We’re back! This week on The No Bullshit Guide to Life, Lemara and I are talking about money; a conversation we all like to avoid.

It’s big, it’s scary and it’s often a topic we like to bury our heads in the sand about. So, we’re blowing the doors off it, ’cause we figure the first step to bossin’ this shit is to not be scared to talk about it.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. Are you an absolute bawse when it comes to your finances or does the thought of mortgages and ISAs make you break out in hives? Talk to us!

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Catch you next week with another fresh episode.

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The Luuurrrvvveee Episode

Woo hoo! My c0-host, Lemara, and I are back with a fresh episode of our podcast, The No Bullshit Guide to Life. As it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re talking about luuurrrrvvvvv *insert kissy noises here* but specifically, loving your damn self, nurturing your being, finding out who you are, developing your passions, having something useful to offer the world and just generally operating from a place of love in all your daily interactions.

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Dealing With Change

Well it’s about bloody time! I’m back to podcasting. And I’ve got me a co-host!

In this episode, my friend Lemara joins me to talk about change; how to prepare, what to expect, how to deal with challenges and curve balls that may arise.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. As always, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes.

If you have a topic you want us to cover – hit us up here or over on Twitter (@bangsandabun and @lemel_p) and let us know.

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Don’t Worry about ‘THEY’

follow your heart

The legendary hip hop producer DJ Khaled has seen a spike in his popularity of late, due to his highly entertaining Snapchat activity. If you’re not following him, seriously, you are missing some gems. We get to see a day in the life of this hip hop mogul as he walks us through what he has for breakfast, fun he’s having on his jet ski, working out on his elliptical machine, generally hanging out with rich and famous people. All of this is peppered with motivational pow wows from the big man. What we see is a man who, while yes, is larger than life and somewhat corny, does seem to have a genuinely sweet heart and caring nature – he wants to help motivate and inspire people.

He’s introduced several pretty solid catchphrases into popular lexicon over the past couple of months. If you hear people randomly shouting things like ‘They don’t want you to eat breakfast!’ ‘They don’t want you to ride a jet ski!’ ‘They don’t want you to hang out with P Diddy!’ – well, we have DJ Khaled to thank for that. Whatever activity he’s filming himself doing (e.g. someone bringing him the latest Nike sneakers: ‘They don’t want you to have the latest Nikes!’) the commentary will inevitably be about how ‘THEY’ don’t want him to have that/be doing that.

THEY, of course, being ‘the haters’.

For Khaled, this is what motivates him. Proving people who have doubted him wrong.

And while I love that this most unexpected of characters is out there inspiring a bunch of people, I’ve gotta say, I’m not really a fan of the ‘THEY’ message.

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Lessons of 2015


This year has been one of my best for sure. I’ve got great memories and lessons to carry me forward, but above all, when I look back, I will remember 2015 as being a transformative year. I write this today as a much stronger, more self assured, happier person than I was back in January. As we are wont to do at this time of year, I’ve been taking a look back at lessons learned and I thought I’d share mine here.

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How to Stay Motivated

The latest episode of my No Bullshit Guide to Life podcast is now live – hurrah!

This week, I discuss motivation. All the people you look up to or aspire to be like seem to be constantly motivated, driven, passionate and on point. Meanwhile, you’re still in your pyjamas, watching the Game of Thrones box set. So how can you get motivated and stay motivated to actually do some shit with your life? I’m diving right in with my top five tips in this episode.

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Own Your Bullshit

Think for yourself

I bought a book a while back called 642 Things to Write About. It gives you these writing prompts on each page and you can get as creative as you like. I was working through it a couple of weeks ago when the following prompt came up: ‘There are often three reasons for something: the reason we tell others, the reason we tell ourselves and the real reason. Write about the war among the three.’ Whew! Well there’s a sentence that slaps you in the face with realness, eh? It’s a conversation I have often, about how crucial it is to be honest with ourselves. It seems fairly obvious really, the honesty thing, but how often do you really call yourself out own your own bullshit?

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Living a Passionate Life

My No Bullshit Guide to Life podcast is BACK y’all! I’m so excited to get back to chit chatting away on this medium. I left it way too long, I know. I have no excuses. I just need to be more on top of it. And so I’m getting back on the podcasting wagon.

This episode is all about living a passionate life. How can we do it? Why should we do it? Is it all about career?

Click play on the picture above and have a listen. I’d love to hear what you think.

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