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Daily Greatness Journal

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Whatever, I’m doing it. You know you need some gift ideas. I’m just tryna help y’all!

Sooo, one of my goals at the start of this year was to be more mindful. I want to live with intention and be more focused and purposeful in what I’m doing and setting out to achieve. I feel I’ve made some great steps in the right direction with this, but it’s an ongoing process.

When I remember, I’ll jot down notes of what I’m grateful for, what I’d like to achieve, make lists of goals and all that good stuff, but between the nine different notebooks I seem to have on the go at any one time, none of those notes are in the same place and as a result, I end up losing consistency with them.

So, when the good folks at Daily Greatness got in touch with me and offered me one of their Daily Greatness Journals I was all ‘HOLD UP! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE!’

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80 Mile Month – Let Me Be Your Virtual Training Buddy!


Today I’m super happy to launch a package, starting in December, aimed at keeping you motivated, happy and utterly badass. 

December has enough fun, food and good times about it to sideline any good intentions when it comes to fitness or life goals. We end up rolling into the New Year, rubbing our eyes, popping Advil and making half-baked resolutions that have died out come the third week of January.

What if you had a virtual training partner to give you a daily boost fitness-wise and motivate you to start 2015 like a BAWSE?

Look no further!

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Don’t Cheat Yourself


I teach spin classes about five times a week. I love to see the emotional journey people go on through a workout. One of the things I find myself saying, usually about ten minutes before the class ends, when people start to flag a little is: ‘Don’t cheat yourself today!’ It’s amazing to see how those words click with some people. We all do it during workouts – when the going gets too tough, sometimes we take our foot off the gas a little and take it easy, despite knowing the true results come when we dig deep and push through that barrier. Is it time for an exercise as a metaphor for life talk, Bangs? I hear you cry. Why yes, friends, it is!

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Be Wrong

Miu Miu Glasses

People’s insatiable need to be right all the time isn’t exactly a new thing, but the internet seems to have exacerbated this personality trait in a great many people. Those who refuse to ever entertain that they may be wrong are the certified WORST. We all have a bit of it in us – that puffed-out chest, super-prideful, I-know-what-the-hell-I’m-talking-about-so-don’t-test-me vibe and it sure is hard to let go of it, especially now that we have all these platforms upon which to espouse our rock hard views. But imagine what could happen if we just backed down a little, opened our minds and embraced the possibility of wrongness. Not only is it OK to be wrong, it’s pretty damn essential to your growth as a person.

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No More Drama

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Secretly, you’re a drama addict. It’s OK, it’s just me and you here, you can admit it. There’s that situation in your life that you know is no good for you. You and the logical side of your brain laugh it up about that all the time. But yet, you stay connected to that situation. You’re not ready to let it go. You moan about it with friends, lament its very existence, talk about how hard it is to let it go, but all the while, you know the solution is pretty simple, you just don’t want to go there. Because if you don’t have the drama, what do you have? The drama’s keeping you connected to something and you’re not ready to let it go just yet. But let me ask you this: aren’t you tired?

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Kickstart Yourself

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Kickstarter – a pretty awesome thing, eh? I love to see projects, that might not otherwise get funding, become successful. And I just like the idea of regular people supporting other regular people’s dreams. There’s nothing more affirming than people simply saying they believe in you and if that comes through the medium of a dollar, then that’s great. HOWEVER! As with any good thing, it can be abused. Sometimes I look at Kickstarter and think, ‘Yes! What a great project, I hope that goes far’, other times, I look at it and think ‘Dude, just get a job and save up.’ Just because the medium exists, doesn’t mean we should stop trying to kickstart ourselves. The hustle is an important part of any journey – to try to side step that, is to miss the most important part of the process.

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Stop Hiding

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So here’s the thing: you know that thing you’re scared of? That thing you need to deal with but just keep avoiding? Yeah, THAT. It’s eating away at you, ain’t it? Every day you wake up and don’t deal with it, it just hangs there in the air, making a mockery of your life, because once again, you didn’t have the guts. Aren’t you tired of that? Let me tell you this, friends; STOP HIDING. Stop hiding from the thing, grip it with both hands and scream in its face (OK, maybe not literally, that’d be weird), but free yourself from this nonsense and just bite the bullet already.

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Be Who You Are

Self Acceptance

A little while ago, I wrote a post about being an introvert. Lots of people contacted me saying they could relate, some people who know me personally reached out with a ‘a-ha! That’s why you are the way you are!’ and some people who’ve never met me dismissed me being an introvert altogether – thanks random Internet strangers! According to these people you can’t be an introvert if you’re confident and outgoing, if you put yourself out there online or do some public speaking. That’s completely wrong actually – let us not confuse shyness with introversion. They are two completely different things. Also, I happen to know myself very well and have done a ton of reading on the subject and though you may never guess from what I put out there in the world, trust me, I’m a pretty massive introvert. And you know what? I’m fine with it. Though we don’t need to label ourselves, to be proudly, unapologetically who you are in a world that is constantly trying to mold us into something else, is quite an achievement. And that’s my message today – to do just that.

Just be you. No frontin’, no bells and whistles, no apologies – just be who you are.

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The ‘Crazy’ Debate

The Crazy Debate

On Friday night, I mentioned on Twitter how crazy excited I am about getting my rib tattoo in eight weeks time. A few minutes later someone tweeted me to tell me they hate it when I use ableist language. My initial reaction was ‘huh? What did I say?’ Said Tweeter then went on to explain that my use of the word ‘crazy’ is actually very offensive to people with mental health issues, hence, ableist. My reaction, in my mind, was along the lines of ‘what?! THAT’S crazy!’ Then I had to slap myself for saying that. I didn’t understand, but it was worthy of discussion. I took a step back and used this as an opportunity to learn. So, is it now actually offensive to use the word ‘crazy’?

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What if…

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What if you made today a day of firsts? What if you tackled a fear head on, stopped making excuses, stopped looking for the easy way out? What if you stopped caring what other people would think? What if you smiled at some strangers, did a random act of kindness, gave someone a few moments of your time?

What if you chose to love yourself today? What if you stood in front of the mirror, naked, and told your body you loved it? What if you stopped pouring over gossip mag criticisms of celebrity bodies to make you feel better about your own? What if you complimented someone else? What if you honoured your body by being active rather than telling yourself you ‘can’t’ workout?

What if today you had the balls to stand up for someone you saw wasn’t being treated right? What if you stood up for yourself? What if you stopped yourself before tweeting that passive aggressive, pointless comment aimed purely at making someone feel bad?

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