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October 9, 2012 | relationships

The Art of Disagreeing

So you know what’s gotten a little out of hand lately? The need to have the last word. I blame the internet. (It’s easiest). No but really though, the internet seems to have brought out this weird thing in us where we must a) have all our arguments, disputes and disagreements in the public sphere...

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June 27, 2012 | life

Hip Hop on Trial at The Barbican

‘Hip Hop doesn’t enhance society, it degrades it’ was the subject of last night’s ‘Hip Hop on Trial’ debate at The Barbican. Put together by Versus and Intelligence Squared, this was a panel debate that combined on-site speakers (the likes of Reverend Jesse Jackson, KRS-One, Michael Eric Dyson, dream hampton, Tricia Rose and Benjamin Zephaniah...

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February 16, 2012 | relationships

Pregnancy Pay Day?

You know, I like to think we’ve come a little ways as women. What with us having the vote now and everything, we’ve made some significant changes. Hark at all the opportunities we now have! Ones that our grandmothers would’ve loved to have had available to them. So when I saw Marie Claire tweet last...

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October 7, 2010 | life

Keepin’ it Real

Me and my blog homie Big Fashionista like to have a good heated debate. One thing we tend to go toe-to-toe, head-to-head, bitchslap-to-bitchslap on is reality TV. She loves it, I hate it. It really shouldn’t make a difference – it’s not like we live together, but I do virtually wrestle the remote from her...

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May 11, 2010 | fashion

The Burka Debate

Belgium just did it, France wants to do it and politicians in the Netherlands and Italy are pushing for it, but is it right to ban the Burka? I’ve heard the arguments of both sides. I’ve heard muslim women say it’s a sign of oppression and others say it’s liberating. Some say women are forced...

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January 25, 2010 | fashion

Fashion Vs Intellect

Last week, an article called ‘Why I Hate Fashion’ appeared in The Guardian. The writer, Tanya Gold, bitches about how liking fashion makes you a shallow, vapid, insecure little girl. Oh and apparently, fashion also kills people (a girl wearing heels fell onto a train track and died. That’s the evidence for the argument. Cause...

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