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Wish List: Belle & Videre

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

I mentioned in a post recently how flummoxed anything interior decor-related leaves me. Flummoxed, I tell ye! How are you supposed to make decisions about how your whole house will look? How are you supposed to do that and hold down a job and have a social life and work out and all sorts of other things that make up a life when you have to make these choices about what wall colour will compliment your couch? Seriously, the very thought of this makes my brain hurt, I tell you. Anyhoo, I recently came across these Belle & Videre lampshades and figured, I would quite happily just have one of these in a room with nothing else in it and I figure that’s a ‘look’. I would win all the interior decorating awards. Particularly loving the shades made out of vintage T Shirts. Have added a few of these to my Christmas wishlist. Check out more pics below.


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