Tag: sexism

November 12, 2012 | life

Men, Women and Equal Discrimination

I’m sure there isn’t a woman reading this who hasn’t been harassed in the street by men. From lewd comments, to inappropriate touching or full on groping, I am yet to meet a woman can’t recount a tale of feeling scared/petrified/unsafe/stressed/belittled/ashamed and plenty of other adjectives by those situations. I was sexually harassed last week...

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October 3, 2012 | life

No More Page 3

It probably comes as no great surprise that I’m anti-Page 3. I’m a fan of boobs – my own, in particular, are pretty fantastic, but I do object rather heartily to chesticles being published in a national daily newspaper. There’s a time and a place for the funbags, is what I’m trying to say. As...

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September 19, 2011 | fashion

Topman and their Top Notch Sexism

Last week, the interwebs went cuh-razy when Topman made the rather misguided decision to sell these ridiculously sexist T Shirts. As is pretty much always the case when large companies are called out for doing something more than a little moronic, they quickly backtracked, issued a half-baked apology and pulled the T Shirts (sorry sexists,...

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