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Whether you’re an individual or business and you’re looking to up your blogging and social media game, I’m here to help. From building your personal brand, generating content, how and where to share it, how to capitalise on social media opportunities and more, we’ll cover it all.

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If you find online life intimidating and just don’t know where to start with it to establish a presence for yourself, or you’re just in a slump and want to move your online life in a new direction, I’m here to help you figure it out.

I do one-to-one, group and Skype consultations. Get in touch for prices and let’s get you dominating the Internet.

Here’s what one of my recent clients said:

I hit up Bangs for a chat about my new venture hoping she’d be someone who could offer some inspiration and advice on how to build my brand and specifically my online presence. To be real though, I had no clue how much of a help and blessing she would be!

First of all, she represents her brand fully which is something I’m striving for, so this alone was majorly helpful to me. She IS about the life she writes and talks about and within minutes I knew she understood where I was coming from – she literally helped me to speak life into my idea! Even better though, Bangs is more than willing and ready to offer anything she feels will help, she’s super supportive and unlike some people in business she doesn’t hold back advice or honesty. I left feeling 100% sure that what I want to achieve can be done and more importantly I left with a notepad of things to do!

I can say with ease that Bangs is your lady if you’re after some direction or wanting to step your online game up.

– @meesh_holmes


I’m also available for public speaking opportunities and freelance writing work.

Interested? Drop me an email and let’s talk.