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I'm Bangs, a fitness industry consultant, life coach and writer. Your finger is itching to click those links above and learn more about what I do, isn't it? Don't fight that feeling, friend.

A brief run down: I'm a Brit who now lives in Canada. I'm a former couch potato who reluctantly took up running one day, only to discover that it would change my whole damn life. Did I become one of those people who's annoyingly evangelical about fitness? You're damn right I did. 

I spent 6.5 years as a Head Instructor/Master Trainer at one of the premium boutique spin studios in London. I've guided thousands of people to lose themselves in sweat and big beats on the bike. I believe movement is as much for your mind and soul as it is your body. My rides have been described as 'therapy'.


Through Bangs Consulting, I work with fitness instructors and studios to help them elevate from average to exceptional. Because ultimately, the more we can get people to fall in love with movement, the better society becomes as a whole, ya know?

My Big Bold Juicy Life is my life coaching offering. I work with women 30+ to help them boost their confidence and live an unapologetically badass life. My background as a dancer, spin instructor and public speaker means I have an arsenal of tools to help you tap into the power of your own awesomery.

The Murmuration is my newsletter for women 35+ to talk about the big things we care about



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