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I'm Bangs, a Spin queen, life coach, writer and speaker. Your finger is itching to click those links above and learn more about what I do, isn't it? Don't fight that feeling, friend.

A brief run down: I'm a Brit who now lives in Canada. I'm a former couch potato who reluctantly took up running one day, only to discover that it would change my whole damn life. Did I become one of those people who's annoyingly evangelical about fitness? You're damn right I did. 

I spent 6.5 years as a Head Instructor/Master Trainer at one of the premium boutique spin studios in London. I've guided thousands of people to lose themselves in sweat and big beats on the bike. I believe movement is as much for your mind and soul as it is your body. My rides have been described as 'therapy'. I translate this off the bike as a powerful motivational speaker, hyping up crowds with stories of grit, tenacity and the power of self-belief.


STUDIO BANGS, my online spin studio where you can ride with me and access an endless supply of good vibes. I also consult for boutique studios and offer instructor trainings. Feel free to reach out to me there to find out more. 

Bangs the Consistency Coach is my life coaching offering. I work with women 30+ to help them channel their best selves through consistency, habit and ritual. I walk the walk and know first hand how life changing the power of being consistent can be.

The Murmuration is my newsletter for women 35+ to talk about the big things we care about



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