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Hey, I’m Bangs.

I write, I sweat and I sling good vibes around like glitter. Whether through words or workouts, my goal is to get you excited about your infinite possibilities, to channel your inner badass and strut through life with the swagger of a BAWSE.

I’m a writer, Head Instructor at BOOM Cycle and CEO of a life played out through sweat and smiles.


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I’m the Head Instructor at BOOM Cycle and the Dean of BOOM-iversity, where I’m in charge of training new instructors so they too can spread the BOOM vibe in the best possible way.

Come join me of a session sometime, where I invite you to set your fears on fire and create the life you want through sweat.

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Get Yourself a Hobby

If you follow me on social media, you’ll be well aware of my relatively new obsession with salsa dancing. I’m a woman possessed. I can’t stop. Every spare moment is spent doing that right now and though the dancing may not be particularly dirty, I truly am having the time of my life (plus, you…

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