October 27, 2012 | life

My Week in Pictures

It’s been another busy week in the life and times of Bangs. From boat parties in Amsterdam, to watching latex underwear cruise down a catwalk in London, it was all go. Check out what I got up to.

1. Anywhere Road Exhibition.

A friend of mine invited me down to her company, Copson Street’s exhibition about female skateboarders. It’s a very real, very raw look into the lives of these badass chicks and features some of the main players on the female skate scene. Definitely worth checking out whether you’re into skateboarding or just great photography.

2. Marc Cain Press Day

I love the label Marc Cain. Ze Germans just know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion. I’ve had my eye on Marc Cain for a couple of years. It’s a fairly unknown label over here due to it not having had a UK press office. Well, finally that has changed and they held their press day here this week. Spring/Summer is looking very tasty in Marc Cain world. Very tasty indeed. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these bits.

3. Atsuko Kudo and Agent Provocateur Show

When I heard Atsuko Kudo (couture latex designer) and Agent Provocateur were collaborating and I was invited to the show, there was no way I was turning down the opportunity to see that. I made a slight faux pas by not really understanding the level of show it was and showed up after a day of meetings only to realise it was black tie (oops) and celebrity filled (double oops). I don’t know who any of the celebrities were, but that’s by the by. I was there for the latex. The Atsuko Kudo pieces that came down the runway did not disappoint. Had my camera battery not run out, I would be able to show you them. Real works of art, absolutely beautiful. And the Agent Provocateur pieces were stunning as always. (The pic above is one of the official pics from the event – I’m guessing this chick is a ‘celebrity’ – I have no idea who though). The event was put on by The Seven Bar Foundation, which is all about getting women out of poverty through micro-finance. Awesome lingerie and design and it’s for a good cause – hello double win!

4. Run Dem Crew Medal Presentations

Last weekend, the crew was in Amsterdam running the Amsterdam Half. Back in London at our Tuesday session, everyone who raced was presented with their medal, as is Run Dem tradition by founder and crew leader (and my esteemed other half) Charlie Dark. Tears flow, laughs are had, hands get sore from clapping. We all work so hard towards these races, coming together to celebrate each others achievements is a massive part of what we’re about as a crew and it’s always an honour to take the time to big each other up.

5. Tour de Amsterdam

Obviously one of the main reasons I love doing these races in different cities is it gives me the chance to explore and play tourist. I’d never been to Amsterdam before (I’m not sure how that happened – shocking oversight on my part), so spent the whole day Saturday walking around taking pics. I’m a huge fan of architecture and street art so when I go to other cities, those tend to be the things I pick up on first. This bit of graf in particular caught my eye.

6. Cheer Dem Crew

I trained my ass off all summer for the Amsterdam Half Marathon only to be told a few days before that I wouldn’t be able to run due to injury. Obviously, I was gutted, but I still wanted to be there for my crew. So, I got in my run kit on race day regardless, found a good spot on the 10 mile mark and cheered my heart out for every Run Dem Crew member who flew past me, giving them every last bit of energy and encouragement I could. It may suck being sidelined but the benefit of being a runner who is cheering other runners is that you understand the pain, you totally get the mental anguish they’re battling through. So many crew members came to me afterwards to thank me for being at that spot as they were really struggling when they saw me. But hey, we’re crew, that’s just what we do – support each other when we need it.

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