January 18, 2016 | life

Don’t Worry about ‘THEY’

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The legendary hip hop producer DJ Khaled has seen a spike in his popularity of late, due to his highly entertaining Snapchat activity. If you’re not following him, seriously, you are missing some gems. We get to see a day in the life of this hip hop mogul as he walks us through what he has for breakfast, fun he’s having on his jet ski, working out on his elliptical machine, generally hanging out with rich and famous people. All of this is peppered with motivational pow wows from the big man. What we see is a man who, while yes, is larger than life and somewhat corny, does seem to have a genuinely sweet heart and caring nature – he wants to help motivate and inspire people.

He’s introduced several pretty solid catchphrases into popular lexicon over the past couple of months. If you hear people randomly shouting things like ‘They don’t want you to eat breakfast!’ ‘They don’t want you to ride a jet ski!’ ‘They don’t want you to hang out with P Diddy!’ – well, we have DJ Khaled to thank for that. Whatever activity he’s filming himself doing (e.g. someone bringing him the latest Nike sneakers: ‘They don’t want you to have the latest Nikes!’) the commentary will inevitably be about how ‘THEY’ don’t want him to have that/be doing that.

THEY, of course, being ‘the haters’.

For Khaled, this is what motivates him. Proving people who have doubted him wrong.

And while I love that this most unexpected of characters is out there inspiring a bunch of people, I’ve gotta say, I’m not really a fan of the ‘THEY’ message.

Here’s the reality: while you absolutely should be the Superman/Woman of your life narrative, the odds that there is a Lex Luthor character waiting in the wings, steady trying to plot your downfall, is highly unlikely.

Most people don’t even think about you. Seriously. They are living their lives. They have bills to pay and shit to do – they really could not care less if you’re on a jet ski, wearing the latest Nikes or getting that promotion. This does not make them ‘haters’. They’re just busy.

But let’s say, for arguments sake, someone once said to you that you wouldn’t achieve something and that lit a fire under your ass and you went on to achieve it – more power to you. If it served as motivation, that’s awesome. But generally, I’m just not with the idea of setting a goal with vengeance or resentment as the base motivation for it. If the person who doubted you no longer matters in your life, just DO YOU. I guarantee you, they don’t care one iota whether you achieve that thing or not.

I just think it benefits everyone more to be coming from a more positive, uplifting place. Does what you want to do help you? Does it make you better? Does it help others? Surely that’s a better starting point than the notion of ‘payback’ or settling a grudge match.

Whatever you want to do in life, do it with good intentions. Do it because when you think about it your heart just bursts and you can’t even think about anything else. Do it because it’ll help you grow, because it’ll uplift those around you, because it puts good vibes out into the universe. Do it from a good place, deep within your soul.

Hopefully, by doing that, ‘THEY’ will follow your example and do the same.

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