April 27, 2016 | life

Shock Absorber: Boob Bounce Be Gone!

Shock Absorber

The statistics for the number of women who wear the wrong bra size hovers somewhere around the ridiculous realm of 90%. Working in fitness, one thing I see all the time is women not wearing proper sports bras and it crushes my soul every time. We’ve got a boob-jiggling epidemic going on people, and it must be resolved!

I see women wearing regular bras (most likely the wrong size) in the gym, or some sort of regular bra + ill-fitting-sports-bra-over-the-top combo that just makes no sense. I could go on and on about how vitally important it is to have a good sports bra, suffice to say, you are doing your fun bags no favours by cutting corners in this department. A lack of adequate support means your boobs bounce around and the ligaments in there stretch. The bad news is, once they’re stretched, they don’t bounce back. So basically, if you want saggy boobs, go ahead and don’t bother wearing a sports bra!

However, if you want to show your breasticles the love and care they deserve, Shock Absorber’s Active bra is worth a try. Having tried and tested this bad girl, I can tell you, you’ll be living a beautifully bounce-free existence in no time. Jiggle be gone! This locks your tatas in place and lets you get on with your workout in comfort.

It has clasps at the back, which I’ll admit, made it hard for me to get into initially, but in that post-workout exhaustion, those clasps are a God send. Forget having to be some Olympic-level contortionist to get out of the thing – just unhook and be on your way.

It has a racer back (my favourite), padded, adjustable straps and the all important moisture-wicking fabric. They also go up to HH in size.

Shock Absorber have always worked hard to get the science of their product right and I’m glad to see they’re experimenting more with the style and fashionability of their pieces now. I love the colours and pattern of the bra I’m wearing (pictured above).

If you work out, a good sports bra is a vital investment. Do your boobs a favour and give a Shock Absorber Active a whirl – they’ll thank you for it.

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