September 28, 2016 | life

Fresh Fitness Food

Last week I had the opportunity to try out Fresh Fitness Food‘s meal prep delivery service. I’ve seen a few people carrying around their signature green and black cooler bags and wondered what it was all about. They’ve just launched a vegetarian option and gave me the chance to try a week’s worth of their meals.

On their website, you fill out your height and weight details along with how active you are so they can work out what your caloric intake should be for a day and they build the meals around that. You have the opportunity to speak with a nutritionist to go over any special dietary requirements you might have.

The delivery your day’s worth of food in a cooler bag to your house (or address of choice) between midnight and 6am (whoever was delivering mine probably got the shock of their life every night as my pup went on full guard dog duty and barked his head off every time he heard the gate open). So I’d wake up in the morning, grab the bag that was waiting outside my door and my three meals for the day plus a snack and a juice would be in tupperware – all I had to do was heat them up when ready.

Genuinely, every meal I had last week was delicious – which included things like chargrilled lemon and thyme halloumi and paprika roasted pumpkin with fennel radish and orange salad. I tried foods I’ve never tried before and definitely got some meal inspiration for when my cooking skills improve beyond simply making the perfect slice of toast.

The convenience factor of Fresh Fitness Food is what I liked the most and knowing that I was getting healthy, nutritious meals throughout the day (the fact that they all tasted good was a mega bonus).

So if you often find yourself short on time or stressing about what to eat, I’d definitely recommend giving them a go.

Check out their website for more info.

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