August 16, 2017 | life

Own Your Workout

We’re living in troubled times, my friends. The news is becoming increasingly sickening to watch. Between terrorist attacks, racist marches and a seemingly rapid descent into societal insanity, making it through a day can sometimes be stressful as hell and require every ounce of energy you have.

So now, more than ever, we need to have spaces where we can release and let go. As a fitness instructor, I feel particularly passionate about the studio I work at being one of those places.

If you live in London, working out ain’t exactly cheap. Considering how much money you can lay out for exercise, I’d like to think you’d feel entitled to let loose, let go and push yourself to the max to get exactly what you came for, not to mention, your money’s worth.

People are always so concerned about what other people think. I see people holding back all the time, presumably because they’re concerned about what a ROOM FULL OF STRANGERS will think of them.

Well, let me clear it up for you: NOBODY CARES.

Nobody cares if your hair’s a mess, your face is burning brighter than the fury of a thousand suns or your thighs are jiggling. Nobody cares if you’re struggling to do the moves or just flat out can’t do them at all.

What matters is that you’re there and you’re trying. I know during times like this, a workout is more than a physical release, it’s a mental and emotional one too. So, since you paid for your class, feel free to use it to get exactly what you need.

If you want to whoop, holler, scream, let out a primal roar or even cry – frikkin’ do it! It’s your time, your space and your workout.

My goal as an instructor is to create an environment where you feel welcome, included, protected and supported. And my God, if you have no other opportunities in your life in which to do so, I want my classes to be a place where you can celebrate yourself, clap for yourself, acknowledge and recognise the supreme badassery of you.

If you show up to class, I want you to feel as though you can really SHOW UPĀ  and be who you are, or the raw, amplified, primal version of yourself – whoever you need to be in that moment.

In that room, I will be your biggest cheerleader. I want nothing more than for you to win and I will fight for you and with you in your battle to do just that.

So, wherever you work out, stop caring what other people think – show up, let loose and give it your all.

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