August 13, 2017 | life

In Praise of the Little Things

I’m sure you’ve probably spent some of your day admiring the lives of those you don’t know while they canoodle on yachts, add another outrageously expensive pair of sneakers to their already bulging collection or boast of some incredible work opportunity that came their way. Mmm, such fun, ain’t it? It’s fair to say if you’re not where you want to be in life, these posts can put you in a destructive frame of mind. It’s also quite a commentary on society as a whole that wealth and material goods are still the bench mark of success.

I take all these social media things with a pinch giant handful of salt. I don’t base my life choices or feelings on the way other people choose to curate their timelines. But it got me thinking…

I woke up the other day and realised, I work really damn hard. And I love that. I love being driven and focused. My hard work has yet to see me retire to the mountains of Italy where I take a ridiculously handsome lover and see out the rest of my days writing erotic fiction (or something….), but you know, all things in their own time and all that.

My point being, we love to rain praise and glory on the end result but never on the graft.

So, to hell with all that feeling-inferior-’cause-you-ain’t-canoodling-on-any-damn-yacht-yet. It’s time we took pride in the every day little victories. Even if you don’t have grand yacht master plans, your daily grind is still something to acknowledge and feel proud about.

Those things include:

  • Taking on new tasks at work that are outside your comfort zone, making a point of learning new things, assuming responsibility and taking initiative, even if it goes unnoticed.
  • Making responsible choices – bypassing going on benders every weekend for example, in favour of something that helps you work towards the betterment of self.
  • Going to bed early and rising early, allowing yourself time to mentally prepare for your day rather than rush through every last bit of it and being late for everything.
  • Checking in with family and friends and making a point of maintaining and nurturing those connections to the best of your ability.

Now here’s for the big ones…

  • Prioritising your financial well being, even if it means you have to make sacrifices you’d rather not make.
  • Not avoiding elements of your finances that make you uncomfortable (checking the balances of your accounts/cards/loans regularly so you know where you stand, working within a budget etc)
  • Paying your bills on time.
  • Paying your rent (have you ever sat back and thought about what a big deal it is that you’re keeping a roof over your head? Like, for realz?!).
  • Grocery shopping (rather than surviving off Deliveroo’s finest), choosing to nourish yourself with healthy foods and making time to cook for yourself.

And an extra shout out to you if you’re doing this alone, with no one to shoulder half the load or take on some of these burdens for you.

We do the above things as part of a routine and rarely acknowledge that oftentimes, we’ve got our lives working like quite a well oiled machine. Taking care of these day-to-day things isn’t always easy (and let’s be real, it can be boring), but when we master these seemingly mediocre tasks (sometimes having to take a step back from the ‘bigger picture’ to focus on getting these things in place), it makes way for the shinier goals you have for yourself. And those shiny things don’t have to be material things at all – be it a relationship, a different job, more time, whatever leveling up looks like to you, taking care of ‘the basics’ helps you get there.

I tweeted the other day: Shout out to myself for working my ass off, paying this high ass rent and surviving in a city that sometimes wants to eat you alive.

A big shout out to all of you who are doing the same.

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Sarah Sharpe

YES to everything in this post!! Just the Monday boost I needed!!

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