About Bangs

I’m Muireann Carey-Campbell – everyone calls me Bangs.

My life philosophy is pretty simple: smile at strangers, spread good vibes.

So whether it’s through words I share here, or pushing a room full of people to channel their very best selves on a spin bike, I try to embody that in everything I do.

Bangs & a Bun has been going since 2007. I’m here in this little corner of the internet to be an authentic voice that showers you with truth, uplifts, inspires and motivates you to choose to be your best.


I’m the Fitness Editor at ELLE Magazine. You can find my monthly column in the print edition and shorter pieces up on their website.


I’m an energetic, motivating and humorous public speaker who has spoken in front of large crowds about women and fitness, confidence, how to share your authentic voice online and more.


I’m the Head Instructor at BOOM Cycle, London’s premier boutique spin studio where I lead sold out classes filled to the brim with big beats, booty shaking and gloriously sweaty good vibes.

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