May 17, 2016 | life

Choosing to Not Have Kids

This week’s episode of The No BS Guide to Life is all about choosing not to have kids and why that seems to be such a radical decision as a woman. Oooh, we delve deep, my friends. Have a listen, share, discuss and all that good stuff. Of course, subscribe, rate and review on iTunes...

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May 12, 2016 | life

On London Fatigue & Self Care

I love London. I really do. I sometimes still wander around in complete awe that I actually live here. But much as I love it, my GAWD, is it exhausting. I feel incredibly lucky that I can escape up to Leeds every now and then to chill with my family and decompress. Sometimes I’m good...

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May 8, 2016 | life

Bet You Think This Song is About You

After a two week hiatus, we’re back! Huzzah! This week we’re chit chatting it up about race, Beyonce and white people’s incessant need to cry white tears whenever black people talk about their blackness. Sounds like a heavy topic, sure, but it’s important one for black and white people to be able to discuss together....

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April 27, 2016 | life

Shock Absorber: Boob Bounce Be Gone!

The statistics for the number of women who wear the wrong bra size hovers somewhere around the ridiculous realm of 90%. Working in fitness, one thing I see all the time is women not wearing proper sports bras and it crushes my soul every time. We’ve got a boob-jiggling epidemic going on people, and it...

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April 17, 2016 | life

Goals AF

I’ve been in a slump. Well, maybe ‘slump’ is the wrong word. I’m happy. I love what I do. I have a great family, great friends, awesome dog. I’m more than content with where my life is right now. (Man, those were some really braggy sentences). But lately, something has just felt a little…off. Bored...

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April 17, 2016 | life

It Goes Down in the DMs

In this episode of The No BS Guide to Life, we dive into modern dating and relationships. Do dating apps help or hinder the courting process? Will modern dating lead to more diverse relationships or are we all destined to die alone? You know, just a couple o’ big questions we try to answer. Subscribe...

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April 11, 2016 | life

Do You, Boo Boo

This week’s podcast episode is all about peer pressure. What’s up with people who try to pressure you into making decisions that are clearly no good for you? And what’s up with the people who succumb to that pressure? We investigate! Subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes. And you can now keep up with...

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April 3, 2016 | life

Not-So-Typical Feminism

On this week’s podcast episode, we’re talking about how feminism doesn’t always look, sound or act the way you want it to. We discuss new feminist icons, why some women don’t want to identify as feminists and a whole bunch more. Have a listen and let us know what you think. If there’s a topic...

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March 30, 2016 | life

Getting Older is GREAT!

It’s my birthday! WOO HOO! I’ve had a reflective couple of days leading up to today. I can clearly remember exactly what I wore at my 18th birthday dinner and now, all of a sudden, somehow I’m 35. And I’m not lamenting getting older. Quite the contrary. I know as women, we’re basically supposed to...

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March 27, 2016 | life

Fall Back! Don’t Drag Me!

We have one of those super real discussions on the podcast this week. Lemara and I lament that our current internet culture doesn’t allow for open, honest, curious conversation anymore. We seem to be living in a time where you can’t have an opinion without being jumped on, shut down or dragged for possibly expressing...

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