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April 9, 2008 | life

Things Which Must Stop – The Language Edition

Think outside the box The annoyance of job seekers everywhere, ‘think outside the box’ is probably the most overused phrase in want ads. What box are we talking about? Where is this ominous box and why is it assumed that we’re all in it? Is it cardboard? Or one of those nice Ikea plastic ones?...

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April 8, 2008 | life

Face Off

Sweet baby Jesus! This ain’t right people! It ain’t right, I tell ya!   This kid in India was born with two faces – yes, two sets of eyes, two noses, two sets of lips. And the parents don’t intend to get the kid any kind of surgery to correct it. They believe she is...

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April 7, 2008 | life

London Gets Gangsta

Yesterday, the city of London did its best to extinguish the olympic torch on the UK leg of of the quest to get that bitch to China. With all the protests about human rights violations in China, seeing if the torch actually makes it to the destination has become an olympic event in itself.  ...

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April 1, 2008 | life

The Confessional

It was time for me to get some things off my chest again, so I paid a visit to Father McBangs for confession. Me: Wassup Father. Heavens to Betsy, have I sinned! It’s been about a month since I was last up in here. Father McBangs: Sussudio girl? Me: Awww, you remembered? I’m touched! Father...

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March 19, 2008 | life

The Kindness of Strangers

This English guy, set out on a mission to walk to India with no money, relying purely on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter. But he quit after he got to Calais in France, blaming the language barrier. Apparently, because he doesn’t parlez the francais, people thought he was just freeloading. Well, my...

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March 16, 2008 | life

Packing Up and Shipping Out

I’ve moved more than 15 times in my life and considering I hate the process so much, you’d think I’d just stay in one place for longer. I am about to move again next week and as I’m entrenched deep within the packing process, I thought I’d share with you the top ten things I...

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March 13, 2008 | life

Making an Ass of Yourself

I’m all for a bit of self examination; balancing the ying with the yang, aligning the chakras and all that bollocks, ’cause if you don’t know where you’re at, you don’t know where you’re going – am I right? Everyone has their own way of reaching their inner peace, but I feel like this guy...

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March 11, 2008 | life

Word on The Wire

The Wire has now officially ended. First Sex and the City, then The Sopranos, now this? Damn it HBO, stop crushing my dreams! I don’t know how I will get over the loss of The Wire. I will actually have to think of other things to talk about with my friends and that’s just a...

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March 10, 2008 | life

Hush My Mouth

Well, I’ll be damned. South Pasadena, California declared the first week of March ‘No Cussing Week’. What kind of sh*t is that? (Sorry South Pasadena residents, but as you can see, the first week of March has passed and I’m a little late getting the memo).   As we all know, letting out the odd...

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March 7, 2008 | life

Keeping Updated

Facebook status updates tend to fall into one of three categories; the inside joke (which maybe you and two other people on your friend list actually get), the non-update update (if you’re telling me you’re hung over, yet again, you ain’t updating me on shit – I know you’re a drunk) and the countdown (to...

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